Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Camp has so many weaponry options to choose from. The number of variations and mixes you can come up with for cabin activities is endless. Let’s see what your mind can create!
Archery Tie Dye
  • If you're a skilled archer, there are many things you can do as a spiced-up cabin activity. Like...tie dye a shirt with your arrows!
Human Pheasant Hunting
  • Camper: "You dress like a pheasant. Hide in a bush somewhere, or generally be pheasant...ish. Then, when I've all-but found you, flutter out for your escape and I'll do my best to hit you with a foam arrow!"
Slingshot Safari
  • Take your slingshot skills out of the the range. Let's see how you fare in a moving safari-like adventure through a smorgasbord of targets.
Space Race
  • Let's see, how can we use some of the weaponry at camp to simulate a battle...in space? Hmmm. I know! Let's do this.