The Camp Augusta Application Process

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We look to hire unique, authentic, and interesting individuals – and our application process reflects that! Below is a brief outline of the entire application and hiring process, starting with the interest form and ending at staff training.

Not everyone’s application process will be the same. This page gives an overview of what one application could look like. In reality there may be more calls and less writing, or vice versa. Each applicant is different and the application process can be too!

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Read on for a more detailed look at each of the steps mentioned above and some general FAQs.

We make it easy to get started on an application – just fill out a quick form and we will reach out within 48 hours!

The interest form is the best way to get in touch with us. We won’t have you fill in a bunch of extraneous information, just the basics to get us started. In addition to contact info, we would love to know the role you are interested in and some of your experience working with children.

After you submit an interest form, someone from Camp Augusta will give you a call – so don’t be afraid to pick up an unknown number if you recently submitted an interest form!

The Interest form is not a required step. If you know you want to apply, feel free to start answering the 6 application questions and send your responses to our hiring team at This will expedite your application process and hopefully get you hired sooner!

Talk with a member of the hiring team to get all your questions, concerns and curiosities addressed! Ask us anything!

When we get an interest form in, someone from our hiring team reaches out to prospective candidates within 48 hours, often much quicker. 

These calls are not an interview and are a great time to ask and all questions you may have about working at Camp Augusta. Whether you have a question about living expenses, the weather, or spiders – we are happy to answer.

The Augustan on the other end of the line will double-check that you have a good idea on what to expect during the hiring process and send you on your way to Round One!

Application FAQs

How long does the application process take?

How long the application process takes really depends on the applicant! We’ve hired people in as little as 48 hours, and tend to hire most somewhere between 6-10 days.

We try to respond to every email and interest form within 48 hours MAX and are often much quicker (seriously reach out if you haven’t heard from us in a few days). The majority of that 6-10 day period is your time to write the Round One and Round Two (if written), which means the quicker that the written portions are turned in, the quicker the application process will be (and vice versa).

Is the application process a lot of work?

The application process includes quite a bit of writing and personal reflection and when hired, the onboarding process is an additional bundle of reading, writing, reflection, and conversations. So, whether or not you consider it ‘work’, we are looking for a level of effort and time-spent with both our application and subsequent onboarding process. 

Consider the written Round One and Round Two to be a journal-like entry as something to be looked back on, whether or not you spend the summer with Camp Augusta. If your writing is a joy in and of itself; if you’re sharing your heart, mind, and spirit, we will be THRILLED to read every single word you send us.

When will I know if I have the job or not?

We do rolling hires, meaning we hire candidates as they come in, not when we have a big pool of resumes. You are considered right away and we let applicants know after the interview when we are offering them a position. If we are not looking like a great fit for each other, we will let applicants go after Round One or Round Two so we don’t waste anyone’s time. Applicants who are no longer interested are free to withdraw at anytime and although we certainly appreciate a heads-up, there are no hard feelings when applicants choose not to proceed.

Why do you wait so long for an interview?

Most businesses prefer to get to know candidates quickly through interviews, and while we certainly are looking forward to chatting, we prefer letting applicants think and reflect over our questions a bit more, without the pressure of needing to respond in the moment. When answering a question like, ‘Who are you?’ or ‘What were three pivotal moments in your life and why?’, having space and time to reflect offers truer-bluer wonderful responses.

Why are some of your application questions so personal?

We are seeking to get to know applicants as whole, living, breathing individuals – not just bullet points as a resume. Unlike other jobs where you can clock-in/clock-out/decompress, you’ll be clocking-in at Camp Augusta for days (and weeks) on end. We all have tough moments and bad days, but to have a successful summer, we want those good moments to far outweigh the bad, and thus, we do our best to see into the future at where those good and bad moments may come from. Plus, our staff members happen to be some of the coolest humans on this planet and we thoroughly enjoy getting to know them. So spin us the yarn of what makes you you, with all the twists and turns that led to you filling out an application for our lovely little camp!

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