Gifts of Love

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Nonprofit?  Fundraise?  Huh?  Why?

Hundreds of children will spend one or two weeks of their summer vacations on the shores of Lake Vera.  Dozens of families spend a Spring or late-Summer weekend climbing the ropes course, swimming in the falls, and enjoying the company of their own and other families.

As you probably know, Camp Augusta is a non-profit organization.  We receive no money from the City of Piedmont or any other governmental assistance.  All camp operating expenses, such as food, counselors’ salaries, insurance and electricity, are paid by camp tuition.  We detail exactly where the tuition money goes, and all new programs and structures are due to gifts, which allows us to keep our tuition several hundred dollars less, and as much as $1000 less, than a few other camps.

Non-profit organization.  Unless you’ve worked for one, especially a small one, it is unlikely that you can appreciate the need and gratitude for gifts both small and large.  It means that we rely on donations for many of the things we have and do at camp.  Our magnificent lodge was a grant, and the new kitchen/office building was built through generous donations.  Only through your generosity can we continue to fund these worthy improvements to your camp.

As you consider options for distributing your philanthropy, please consider Camp Augusta.  We welcome a variety of donations, from financial contributions to building materials, services, or program equipment.

Gifts of Love

Tried Blacksmithing?  How about Aerial Silks, Lampworking, any of the ropes courses, or riflery?  Enjoyed the new Pine Bathhouse?  How about the new kitchen/office building or the re-built lodge?  All of these are enjoyed, tens of thousands of times, because someone like you decided to make Camp Augusta a better place — more enjoyable/powerful.

There are remaining projects we’d like to take care of, and we’re looking for folks like you to help make dreams a reality.  Call us if you’re inspired 🙂     530-265-3702

  • Re-locating Giant’s Junkyard
  • Director’s House
  • The Large Yurt
  • Cedar Bathhouse
  • Oak Bathhouse
  • Manzi Bathhouse
  • Extend Canopy Zip Tour
  • Add 2 treatment/rest rooms on to the nurse’s cabin
  • Add 2 more platform tents for staff housing
  • Help create an endowment for the long-term sustainability of Camp Augusta

Our Federal Tax ID Number, is 94-1265033.


Canopy Level ($10,000+)

Mark and Patricia Andrews
The Bechtel Foundation
Liz Behrens and John Ware
Shannon and Rob Bloemker
Daniel and Patricia Carroll
Gray Cathrall
Brady and Michelle Cole
Virginia Davis
Pete Docter
James and Mary Dorskind
Steve Ellis
John and Kate Faust
Kevin Fischer
Abe and Jennifer Friedman
Samantha Furstein
Cliff and Julie Gardner
Lynne and Carl Hosler
Brian Kelleher
Paco and Elizabeth Keville
Julia Laczay
Todd and Yoko Narter
Gigi and John Orta
John and Leslie Quantz
Bill Reichle
Jon Reynolds
Susan Royce
John and Elizabeth Shaw
John Shrewsberry and Ereca Miller
Shahan Soghikian
The Valley Foundation
Grace Voorhis and Steven Voorhis
Beth and Kelly Wiesbrock

Oak Level ($5,000-$10,000)

Rosy and James Austin
Chris and Julie Braun
David Chao
Robert Coleman
Shari and Douglas Higashi
Jeannine and Ben Gillikin
John and Holly Hanke
Kristin Hull
Debbie Kelley
Roland Lazzarotto
Sue Lin and Reuben Rivera
Joe and Janet Loduca
Jennifer and Michael Lynn
Cynthia and Steve Neuendorffer
Saul and Victoria Rosenbaum
Henry and Amy Skier
Ann Wilson Green and Jason Green

Cedar Level ($2,500-$5,000)

Sarah Aikenhead and Courtney Linn
Rob and Katie Anderson
Terri and Glyn Burge
Katie and Alex Colbert
Andrew and Tina Coleman
Kerry and Rich Corcoran
Jonathan Davis and Susan Miller
Jeffrey and Courtney Dorman
Charlotte and Mike Ero
Robert Frank
Layton and Melinda Han
Blake and Nicole Kennedy
Jan Kessler
Hernan and Michelle Luna
John McWeeny and Abby Scott McWeeny
Ken Meyersieck
Melinda and Rick Osterloh
Vickie and Steve Podell
Maureen and Tim Recker
Cory and Tom Smegal
Morgan and Sarah Smith
Jill and Doug Sprague
Katherine Welch
Charlie Wheeler



Pine Level ($1,000 - $2,500)

Luann and David Abrahams
Sally Aldridge and Michael Aldridge
Mary Beth Alexander and Dave Alexander
Rob and Laura Amen
Margo Anderson
Ronnie and Teresa Baum
Andy Boyko and Janet Boyko
Stephanie Brendel
Brett Byers
Jack Caldwell and Jenna Caldwell
Patricia Davenport
Christopher and Hilary Eriksen
Janice Garvey
Joel and Sacha Grippando
James Harrison
Andrea Higgins
Kristin Johnson and Stuart Horne
Nicole Jordan
Felice Kong
Joe and Melissa Kraus
George and Signe Kurian
Liz Leavy and Ben Leavy
Warren Leggett and Anushka Figueroa
Ginger Levy and Christopher Howard
Grace Lim-Ortiz and Miguel Ortiz
Michael McCutcheon
Carol Menz
Julien and Bridget Mercay
Poul-Erik Olsen
Ali Partovi and Reza Partovi, Jude Partovi
Rachel and Keith Petersen
Mollie Poe and Declan Hickey
Charles and Jennifer Post
Stephanie Rafanelli and Andrew Backer
Stephen and Celia Rogers

Manzanita Level ($500-$1,000)

Rod and Paul Adams
Robert and Betsy Andersen
Joel Beisner and Stephanie Dang
Jef Bekes
Joe and Lisa Betts-lacroix
Daniel and Renuka Bornstein
Justin and Susie Burden
Chi Chen and Nancy Wang
Sylvia and Yan Chin
Junehee and Hoon Cho
Jen Colton
Kate and Patrick Devine
Deborah Dinerman
Randi and Andrew Drake
Dana DuFrane-Selna
Matthew Gerhardt
Gail and Jonathan Gonick-Hallows
Joan Haratani
Gary Harrington and Rosemary Fei
Kathleen and Simon Heap
Dianna and Norman Hersch
Christina and Eric Hsia
Beate Illek and Horst Fischer
Dana and Michelle Jurika
Matt Kretzer
Liz Laub
Patrick and Karlene Lee
Maria Lloyd
Phil Lorin and Kiel Murray
Edward and Deborah Dinerman
Stacy and Andrew Merickel
Brendan Moran, Mark Moran, and Liz Moran-Fitzgerald
Jana and Chris Oliver
Ann O’Regan and Thomas Kronemeyer
Jenny and Sam Osman
Rebekah Owen
Christi Patrick and Phil Najm
Sarah Pearson and Evan Seevak
Jeff and Beth Porter
Lindsay and Hussein Saffouri
Linn Schulte-Sasse
Linda Smith Munyan
Kate and Richard Stacy
Julie and Jason Stein
Lillis and Max Stern
Rebecca and Christopher Swain
Deirdre Terry
Stephanie and Eric Tilenius
Susan Tornlof
Zoa and Matt Town
Noelle and Carl Tsukahara
Mary and Jay Vyas
Jenny Wenham
Scott Willis
Glen and Helen Young

Sapling Level ($250-$500)

Mark and Susan Abramson
David and Jamie Addington
Jane Anderson
Claire and Andrew Arno
Martin Babler and Peter Kuebler
Kirby Baker
Jodi Beasley
Susan Becker
Gary Brush
Sarah and Stephen Burns
Jennifer and Dan Cavenaugh
Dana and David Charron
Stephen Collins
Erik and Austina De Bonte
Robert DeBare
Mavis Delacroix
John Dittoe
David and Jen Ferguson
Michael Ferring
Kim Fisher
Max Friedman
Patty and Jamie Dupree
Courtney Glazer
Kirsten and Eldridge Gray
James Gustke
Kristen Hattan and Thomas Kutter
Steve Herz
Jim and Sara Hickman
Danielle Hilton
Galen Hoskin
Natasha Hyman
Glenn Johansen
Alicia Kalamas
Lisa Kinoshita
Kass and Rachel Kozloski
Nancy Lim
Tara Lynberg
Sean and Janet McGraw
Jessie McGuire
Jose Medeiros and Andrea Sweet
Kirsten Merit
Susan Neth
Kim Overton and Carl Johnson
Blair and Kevin Paige
Jeanne Panek and Charlie Huizenga
Christina Sabater and Peter Laub
Robin Sackett-Smith
Carolyn Sheaff
Robin Smith
Tom Snyder
Jill and John St. John
Gary Theut
Rebecca and Edward Thornborrow
Elaine Tseng
Trina and Steve Walz
Jane and Kent Weaver
Jennifer and Earl Wilson
Douglas Winthrop and Yamilee Bermingham
Jill and Schuyler Youkstetter


Darlene Abdouch
Kat and Dave Anderson
Martha Apaza and Frederic letessier
Guy Avagliano
Linda Baher
Vivian Bakonyi
Jean Banker
Pablo Barcenas and Mariana Alvarez-Tostado
Julie and Greg Barton
Veronica Becerril and Scott Lazarczyk
Sheryl Brock and Bruce Wilson
Marguerite and Jerome Buttrick
Eugene Calhoun
Lori and Ed Callan
Ellie Campbell Eidam and Don Eidam
Lynn Chao and Steven Loewy
Charmaine Clay and Scott Willis
Thom Cooper
John Dailey
Stephanie Delurgio
Brad and Barbara Dickason
Martha Diepenbrock and Joshua Newman
Dee Dee Dochen
Karla Dorsch
Lauren Dutton
Cori and Peter Ekman
Bree Elliott
Lauren and John Ferraro
Corporation Fizer, Beck, Webster, Bentley, Scroggins
Sally Foskett
Lisa Fuller and Dirk Ten Grotenhuis
Teresa Gold
Robert and Isobel Gotto
Pamela Graul and Jack Sorensen
Bob and Christine Gray
Sandra Gross and Eric Whitaker

Seed Level (Under $250)

Joanna Haase
Julie and Trevor Hall
Scott and Carolyn Hampton
Angie Hancock and Chris Pezzee
Karen and Larry Hawkins
Aidan Hickman
Tara and Mark Huisman
Jada Jackson
Justine and Oren Jacob
Elizabeth Kaigh
Tracy Kaplan and Stuart Kaplan
Laura Katter
Christine Kelley
Ronna Kelly
Jennifer Kopec
Kate and George Korsh
Mardi Krenek
Mark Krone
Misha Laird
Alessandra Lanzara and Yoav Banin
Lisa and Scott Lawson
Robert Lee
Barbara Linares
Cynthia Lynn
Grace and Evan Malonai
Miranda and James Martin
Holly Massey
Karin McCarthy
Catherine Minor and Andrew Minor
Kristi and Clay Mitchell
Katie and Joshua Morris
Michelle and Andreas Oesterer
Boyd Nielsen and Emily Smith
Kathleen O’Brien
Lindsay and Gary Ogden
Kerry O’Regan and Randall Grayson


Sydney and Roger Proctor
Gerald Ramiza
Annie and Dave Reilly
Ron Renwick
Jacqueline Rigoni
Janet Rohlfs
Pam Rollin
Janice and Robert Rothschild
Shannon Russo
Patricia Ryan
Elisabeth Schleuning
Marlow Schmauder
Christine Schooley
Pam Schwartz
Marlene Settlemier
David and Leslie Shafton
Rachel Silver and Francois Gaultier
Jacqueline and Brian Spanswick
Claire Stephens
Angela Stoddard and Lac de Souza
Emilia Stoica
Kelley Taber
Jill Thayer
William Troy
Zac Wald
Melinda and Peter Weck
Victor and Shelley Weingarten Wisner
Dana and Paul Welch
Peter Weltchek and Sara Starr
Eric Wheeler
Susan and Chris Willrich
Karen Wong
Chris Wright
Edina Yee
Danita Yocom and Ray Chavira

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