We Need Your Help!

Camp Augusta in the Time of COVID

Camp Augusta exists to infuse wish, wonder and surprise into the lives of our campers and families, and we truly couldn’t do what we do without the hundreds of generous donors that have contributed over the years. You have made it possible for us to continue to improve our site and program in ways we would not be able to do alone, as a non-profit organization.

It is now, more than ever, that we must once again rely on you, our community, to help keep Camp Augusta alive and able to provide the campers and families we serve the opportunity to learn, play and grow in the great outdoors year after year. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant we are unable to run any of our programs in 2020, and as a result, we face a devastating financial deficit. We alone are not going to get ourselves out of this.

We know that we are not the only organization asking for donations. We know that many of you may be facing financial difficulties in the midst of these uncertain times. For us, this has quickly become an existential threat that we deeply hope to be able to overcome.

Any amount you are able to donate is profoundly appreciated. We cannot express the gratitude we feel towards our community and the continued support we have received over the years.

Learn with Augusta

Does Your Company Offer A Gift Matching Program?

If so, please let us know and we can send you a confirmation receipt of your donation to give to your company. Double your gift to Augusta! The matching program makes up a substantial part of our donations each year!

Become A Monthly Donor With A Recurring Donation

Did you know you can set up an automatic donation through your bank account or charitable fund? This could look like a monthly check or direct deposit made out to Camp Augusta. You’ll only need to do it once by setting up a recurring donation!

Donation Of Stocks

Rather than selling the stock, you can donate it and save on your taxes! When you donate stock, you avoid capital gains tax while deducting 100% of the value of the contribution.

Do you shop on amazon? You can tell amazon to donate .5% of your purchase to Camp Augusta, with no extra cost for you!
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Nonprofit?  Fundraise?  Huh?  Why?

Hundreds of children will spend one or two weeks of their summer vacations on the shores of Lake Vera.  Dozens of families spend a Spring or late-Summer weekend climbing the ropes course, swimming in the falls, and enjoying the company of their own and other families.

As you probably know, Camp Augusta is a non-profit organization.  We receive no money from the City of Piedmont or any other governmental assistance.  All camp operating expenses, such as food, counselors’ salaries, insurance and electricity, are paid by camp tuition.  We detail exactly where the tuition money goes, and all new programs and structures are due to gifts, which allows us to keep our tuition several hundred dollars less, and as much as $1000 less, than a few other camps.

Non-profit organization.  Unless you’ve worked for one, especially a small one, it is unlikely that you can appreciate the need and gratitude for gifts both small and large.  It means that we rely on donations for many of the things we have and do at camp.  Our magnificent lodge was a grant, and the new kitchen/office building was built through generous donations.  Only through your generosity can we continue to fund these worthy improvements to your camp.

As you consider options for distributing your philanthropy, please consider Camp Augusta.  We welcome a variety of donations, from financial contributions to building materials, services, or program equipment.

Gifts of Love

Tried Blacksmithing?  How about Aerial Silks, Lampworking, any of the ropes courses, or riflery?  Enjoyed the new Pine Bathhouse?  How about the new kitchen/office building or the re-built lodge?  All of these are enjoyed, tens of thousands of times, because someone like you decided to make Camp Augusta a better place — more enjoyable/powerful.

There are remaining projects we’d like to take care of, and we’re looking for folks like you to help make dreams a reality.  Call us if you’re inspired 🙂     530-265-3702

  • Cedar Bathhouse
  • Oak Bathhouse
  • Manzi Bathhouse
  • Extend Canopy Zip Tour
  • Add 2 treatment/rest rooms on to the nurse’s cabin
  • Add 2 more platform tents for staff housing
  • Help create an endowment for the long-term sustainability of Camp Augusta

Our Federal Tax ID Number, is 94-1265033.

What Makes Augusta so Unique?

There are 12,000 summer camp in the United States, yet there are very few like Augusta. Intentionality is at the core of who we are. Every aspect of our program, training, preparation, and philosophy is built around one shared vision:

To Reclaim and Foster the Beauty, Wonder, Awe, Potential and Innocence of Childhood

Please explore the links in the picture below to understand how we embody this vision for every camper at Camp Augusta. There are so many ways that make Augusta unique among summer camps. Our philosophy on child development through empowerment and choice allows children to learn, grow and discover things about the world and themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Through community, creativity and meaningful connection with friends, campers are given the opportunity to build social and emotional skills, understand empathy on a deep level, all while having as much fun as they possibly can!

With one of the longest staff trainings (and staff applications) in the country; a Director with a Ph.D. in Developmental, Social and Organizational Psychology and over 20 years in camping; the highest ration of staff to campers in camping; and wish, wonder and surprise built into everything we do, Camp Augusta is truly one of a kind (and the list goes on…).

Wonder Beauty Innoncence Potential Awe Vision