This place seems...different.

Truly, Camp Augusta is no ordinary summer camp. Whether it’s the longest staff training in the country, the flat hierarchy and consensus of the community, intense focus on child development, partnering with parents efforts, or the location, the list goes on and on…

The Camp Augusta Difference

 What makes this place so special?

Camp Augusta covers 80 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California, just outside the town of Nevada City. Each year, thousands of children, youth and family members enjoy Camp Augusta’s rustic setting in the wooded lands of Lake Vera’s western shores. Camp Augusta’s four core programs are uniquely designed for summer youth camperswilderness trips, elementary school children and family groups.

At Camp Augusta, children see and wonder about a butterfly; they kick a stone and see how it really bounces; they talk with a friend without needing anything that whistles, buzzes, hums or electronically connects to something. This Northern California summer camp understands the value of non electronic, personal experiences for kids. While many camps have sessions of 250 – 500 kids plus staff, Camp Augusta is full with only about 90 campers per session. This allows the director and staff to provide each camper with meaningful individual attention, as well as for campers to know one another.

The camp environment uniquely adds to the critical family environment in several special waysTo support parents in raising healthy kids, Camp Augusta provides a safe, naturalcommunity environment where campers learn and have fun. Counselors, who are chosen for their character and love of youth, model and enforce healthy living skills and positive values. They undergo the most extensive staff hiring and training process in the United States.  Additionally, counselors write personal letters to parents about their child’s camp experience for continuity and reinforcement at home.

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