Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Camp Augusta is tucked away in a piece of the beautiful Sierra Nevada forest.
It’s seldom spoken about, but the overwhelming beauty and inspiration of nature is all around us at camp and is truly its heart.
Take some time with your cabin to visit one of our incredible creek spots, take a hike, canoe on the lake, or get off site into some serious nature.
The Falls
  • One of Augusta's most prized natural locations, Gypsy Falls is our on-site, multi-tiered 30-ft waterfall.
Hot Rocks
  • Hot Rocks is a favorite natural location at camp, where the sun warms the smooth, dark surfaces of rock along the water of the creek pouring from Lake Vera.
Round Mountain
  • Take a trip to the nearby Round Mountain, where hills and views of our surrounding forest foothills will astound you.
Sunset Point
  • A favorite hiking location in our back 40, Sunset Point is a sometimes-secret spot, well-hidden among our forest.
The Yuba River
  • One of the best natural features around, the Yuba River is just down the road from Camp Augusta, and heralds clear cool waters, surprising currents, fish, and beautiful rock formations.
Scott's Flat
  • A large nearby lake, Scott's flat is an absolute beauty for canoeing, fishing, and overnight camping.
Secret Pool
  • A quiet and secret swimming hole on our creek that boasts a beautiful waterfall and deep blue water.
Creek Hammocking
  • Every season, we string up a row of hammock in a special spot on our creek, so you can relax in a hammock while dipping your limbs into the water. Mmmmm.
Expedition into the Unknown
  • Go somewhere we've never been before! Find it on a map and embark.
Nature Art
  • Step aside Andy Goldsworthy! At Augusta, when a camper is feeling inspired they can rally their whole cabin into making natural art. Whether collecting leaves for their characteristic hues or weaving sticks into small murals, nature can be a welcoming canvas.
Stranded Survival
  • What would happen if we were left in the woods with nothing but a pocket knife and some string. A whole lot of awesome would happen, that's what.
Sardine Lake Hike
  • Take a trip to the nearby Sardine lake for one-of a kind hike!