Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Statement: Our Beliefs and Values

We believe that proximity to others with different identities and worldviews is an opportunity to learn, engage, and build empathy. We know that having diverse identities, worldviews, and life experiences can help creativity and compassion to thrive in our community and in the world. At Camp Augusta, we are committed to cultivating an environment that promotes and values a rich tapestry of human experiences.

In alignment with the ethos, guidelines, and mission of camp, we aim to include and celebrate many facets of human identity – gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, neurodiversity, disability status, citizenship, and other aspects that make us unique. We are working to craft an inclusive culture founded on ideals of curiosity, honesty, empathy, and acceptance – a place where people are seen and acknowledged for their shared humanity as well as their unique individuality. 

In short, we hope that everyone in our (and every) community feels welcome and we want to acknowledge that the historically marginalized have been less likely – systemically or socially – to experience full inclusion and belonging. We will take ongoing action to bring our DEIB beliefs and values to life at Augusta.

What does this mean?

While we cannot force diversity, we can – and will – promote it. Through intentional hiring processes, staff training, camp scaffolding and support, and our philosophies of compassion and communication, we are working to create systems where diversity and belonging are ingrained into the culture. We know that what we do at Camp Augusta extends into the summer camp industry and into the world. And, we acknowledge that this is an ongoing endeavor – one that we will continue to educate ourselves in and improve on continuously. 

What are we doing? Our Approach to DEIB

It’s easy to say we care about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Camp Augusta. And, we want to take action to make sure we are living in integrity with our mission. We commit to being as open and forthcoming as possible to allow parents, campers, and staff to know about and join us in our approach. Here are some of the ways we have been and are continuing to make our DEIB beliefs and values a reality at camp:

An Ongoing Possibility

This list will continue to be expanded and updated year after year, as we understand we do not live in a static society and that our opportunities for growth and development in DEIB are considerable, varied, and ongoing. Progress in this domain must be deliberate, and must include ongoing learning, research, and commitment by our organization. We can – and will – continue to promote diversity in our staff hiring and camper outreach processes, foster methods of equity and inclusion through our community’s trainings and practices, and work to create a shared culture of belonging founded on empathy and compassion.

Our DEIB pledge is that this is an everlasting and ongoing process. There is significant development still to happen, and we will make mistakes along the way. However, we are committed to learning from those mistakes and are always striving to improve in our alignment with our mission & vision. We cannot promise perfection, but we can promise Camp Augusta is taking action towards being an increasingly welcoming community that integrates and celebrates diversity in a healthy way.

Ultimately, while there is always more that could be done, our efforts in DEIB are one of many considerations within the organization, and we must gracefully and consciously balance our efforts to promote DEIB with other aspects of summer camp.