Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Get your gym shoes ready. You and your cabin have imagined up an ACTIVE Cabin Activity! The world is your playground as you run, jump, skip, dance, and even zip around camp. Plan for you and your cabin to spend an hour on the move if you want to start thinking now about your active cabin act!
Fireman Training
  • Dawn a fireman's suit and learn the in's and out's, do's and don'ts of FIRE!!! Let's see how we fare against one of the most intense training regimens out there!!
Paintball Slingshot
  • There are other ways to fire paintballs. Let's have a paintball battle, but instead of normal paintball guns we'll use slingshots. Like a medieval forest sprite battle!
Epic Chase Scene
  • Maybe you've always wanted to be part of a heist, like in a James Bond movie? Well, let's do it. Chase each other, have staff chase you, or you chase staff through an epic obstacle course we design together. With explosions?! Maybe.
Wrecking Ball Challenge
  • Get wrecked! Design a wrecking ball with your cabin to be swung from the Giant's Swing into...yourselves?! Yes!
  • Ok, we can do it safely, but not without being thrown 10 feet!
Live Action Pac Man
  • This was performed by a cabin that had an obsession with this classic game. They made entire suits for themselves, and a course through which they took turned being pacman, or chasing pacman. Awesome.
  • What's ninja-neering? Well, this was a cabin full of ninjas. They're very secretive! You could do the same you know...whatever they did. 🙂