Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Camp Augusta has a beautiful creek, a lake, and a waterfall! If you’re looking to cool down your body and soothe your soul in the summertime, consider inventing a water based Cabin Activity. You can also get off site and explore the Yuba River, start a water fight, or make up a new underwater water game to play as a mermaid.
Battle Dehydration
  • These campers came up with a twist on your standard water fight. First, they'd go around offering water to other cabin activities to quench their thirst. Then, they get more than they bargained for!
Canoe Golf
  • Some of the best ideas campers come up with is a blend of two simple things. Canoe golf is exactly as it sounds, and it's amazing.
River Surfing
  • Yes, it's possible. It's challenging, difficult to set up, and dangerous. And, if you want it, it's yours!
Shark Attack
  • Let's attack other cabins on a hot day with water. But....as a shark! hahaha
Water Pinata
  • Want to bust a Pinata? Oh? With water in it....
  • Well, we'll see how that goes. 😀
Underwater Adventure
  • What if we dipped our heads under Lake Vera to find a magical land of wonder and surprises? Do we want to create it or simply experience it? Either way, we'll help you!
Slip and Slide Jousting
  • Not your standard slip'n'slide. Not your standard jousting match either. In the end, everyone will be wet, but there can only be one victor!
Yuba Floating Picnic
  • A cooler full of treats, tubes for floating, and plenty of sun lotion. Here we go! Your idea, and a wonderful one.