Our Board of Directors

Camp Augusta is a non-profit organization managed by a board of directors.  Their combination of time, talent and treasure has been, and continues to be, invaluable to the success of Camp Augusta.

Camp Augusta’s Board of Directors:


      • Patricia Andrews, President
      • Jill Sprague, Vice President
      • Sabina Yoon, Secretary
      • John McWeeny, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Sally Aldridge
  • Gigi Orta
  • Kiel Murray
  • Sacha Grippando
  • Claire Arno
  • Linn Schulte-Sasse
  • Jennifer Tenney

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact us

What are some of the Strengths and recent Accomplishments of Camp Augusta?

Brainstormed Perceptions:

  • New kitchen
  • Improved employee conditions
  • Better food
  • We have a Director house
  • We still have a lake
  • We have a reenergized annual fundraiser
  • A stronger risk process
  • Local newspaper support
  • Amazing hiring capability
  • Talented, passionate counselors
  • Appreciative parents
  • We moved the Junkyard
  • Strong community support
  • The bus pickup experience is much better
  • Better signage in front of the Camp
  • Continues to be a safe place to go
  • Stronger family tradition of coming to camp year after year
  • We added two new family camps and filled them
  • We got through a tough separation with the Assistant Director
  • Stronger understanding of the counselor/staff experience
  • Updated website
  • We have building support from non-Piedmont families
  • We have a non-Piedmont Board member
  • Emphasis on social and emotional development
  • We have a successful annual ask
  • We have a Fundraising Committee that is functioning
  • We have a list of building projects that we are prioritizing
  • We held a camp video tour for the Board
  • We have a Financial Plan
  • We have a Facebook page to help cultivate alumni relationships
  • Implemented the Marketing Plan
  • Ongoing professional development for staff
  • We have a list of possible camp programming
  • We visited every camp in Northern California that is open to visitors
  • Close to 70 children went to the Wilderness Camp—up from 20
  • Got camper feedback about what programs to add
  • Begin Board meetings with “Camp Augusta Moments”
  • Everyone who could was able to host a Camp Augusta counselor over the summer
  • We have money in the bank—in the vicinity of $450,000
  • We have clear fundraising processes with a timeline
  • We do have a new yurt
  • We have a better HR setup for the counselors
  • More internal process manuals
  • Happy kids
  • The canopy zip is up
  • We have a passionate Board
  • Better Internet
  • We have two driveways
  • We had an 80-90% return rate
  • We have been full every summer
  • We have a stronger communication between the Board and Staff