Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

At Camp, we get messy. REALLY MESSY.
We don’t just mean your average not-a-tan-line-actually-a-dirt-line.
We’re talking about shaving cream, oobleck, mud, clay, paint, and just about every other form of goop, glop, and goo.
At Camp Augusta, we can redefine what it means to make a mess, and we encourage you to create any number of new games to create that mess!
Shaving Cream Fight
  • Some campers wanted to have a messy battle. So that's what they did. Shaving cream fight!
Ubleck Bonanza
  • You've played with Ubleck before, but you've never been COVERED with it, you say? Well, ok then. Here we go.
Whipped Cream Hair
  • You've probably had some strange things in your hair, especially at camp. Shaving cream, Oatmeal, mud...sure. How about whipped cream? Hey, if that's what you consider style let's try it.
Paint Slip'n'Slide
  • This idea was as elegant as it was messy. A simple slip'n'slide, but with paint!
Live Action Pac Man
  • This was performed by a cabin that had an obsession with this classic game. They made entire suits for themselves, and a course through which they took turned being pacman, or chasing pacman. Awesome.
  • What's ninja-neering? Well, this was a cabin full of ninjas. They're very secretive! You could do the same you know...whatever they did. 🙂
Mud Bath
  • Ok, that's quite and UNDER taking, but we'll do it. GET IT? Because it's in a hole....nevermind.
Clay Facials
  • Some campers simply want to exfoliate. And we let them. Oh how we let them.
Tarred and Feathered
  • Some campers wanted to know what it was like to be tarred and feathered, just as in the days of yore. Oh and how we helped them accomplish that goal. Mwahahahaaaa