One Week
$1975per session
  • Ages 8 - 16
  • ----------
  • Session I:
  • June 12 - June 18
  • ----------
  • Session II:
  • June 19 - June 25
  • ----------
  • Session VI:
  • Aug 7 – Aug 13
$475per session
  • Ages 7 - 8
  • June 9 - 11
$2000Application + Pre-Camp
  • Ages 16 - 18
  • Late October - May
  • Challenged to continue through part II
$3000Summer At-Camp
  • Ages 16-18
  • ----------
  • June 19 - July 9
  • ----------
  • July 24 - Aug 18

Why does camp cost what it does?

Camp Expenses

Personally – perhaps from my  days of research –  I would be interested in where the money from my camper’s tuition goes.  It is both interesting and important to note that Camp Augusta is supported solely by camper tuition fees and generous donations from individuals.  We do NOT receive any support from any government, city or agency; Camp Augusta is an entirely self-supporting, independent non-profit camp.

Staff Salary 35% All counselors, village leaders, equestrian staff, masters of fun and games, program directors, assistant directors, office staff, bookkeeper, kitchen staff, recruiters, CIRCLE staff, arts director, and director.  There are three, year-round staff included.
Workers Compensation 9% Covers staff if they are injured.
Payroll Taxes 3% Uncle Sam
International fees 2% International staff have all kinds of fees from SEVIS to agencies to travel and more.
Program 11% Everything related to running all programs, except for new programs, which are entirely funded via donations.
Site 8% Some new mattresses and tents, clearing out the grease and kitchen lines, volunteer work weekend tasks (small improvements), cleaning the site up after a fall and winter laying dormant, road repairs, wood chips for various areas, pumping septic tanks, and scores of other things.  New facilities are via donations.
Food 9% Yummy!  Whole foods made from scratch with love
Insurance 5% Autos, business interruption, facilities, background checks, health, liability, and directors and officers
Utilities 4% Phone, internet, web server, propane, trash, and electricity.
Staff recruiting 1% We need about 500 applications to find the 20 or so new staff annually.  This is for advertising.
Training 2% Lifeguards, CPR, 1st aide, Wilderness First Responders, Camp Horsemanship Association training, ropes course trainings, and other professional development.  Also includes staff banquet.
Transportation 3% We rent numerous vans, gas for those, bus company, and an occasional vehicle for trips when we don’t have vans.
Taxes 1% Some voter-passed measures we do have to pay, even as a nonprofit.
Other 6% Includes medical supplies, coverage for minor injuries and illness, store, office, shirts, finance charges, etc.


Except for counselors, who make about the industry average of roughly $2.50 an hour, the year-round staff make about half (sometimes less) of positions in their normal professional fields.  Within camping, it is about 20% less than average.  Why?

The value of camp is the exceptional 2:1 camper-to-staff overall ratio (not including kitchen or other non-camper direct position!), the wide and unique diversity of activities, the unequaled training staff receive, and the wonderful environment in which Camp Augusta is located.  Those four things provide for meaningful relationships, opportunities, and experiences that remain an exceptional value in camping.  Please see the “Camp Augusta Difference” page.  Again, without the generosity of individuals that support the vision and mission of Camp Augusta, we would not be able to have the facilities and programs that we do — those are not funded via tuition.

Please click here if you would like to learn more about camp’s closure in 2020 and it’s impact on the 2021 season.

There you go!  Now you know more about how Camp Augusta spends the money we take in.  We frugally examine the budget every year, so that we can offer campers and families the best camping experience Camp Augusta can afford.  The Camp Augusta website is entirely created in house, for free.  Questions?  Please ask the director! 🙂

Camp Augusta is a nonprofit organization