Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Redefine reality and explore the hidden realms of your imagination as you and your cabin create an off-the-wall adventure. Get silly, become a new character, and explore possibility with your cabin mates!
  • We love creative ideas. And we're willing to lock you in a shed with only one convoluted way out for it. If you wish. Mwahahaha!
Unluckiest Cabin Ever
  • With all the awesome opportunity at camp, sometimes its fun to be a victim for a change... Mwahahaha!
Bank Robbery
  • Help Rico and Shep rob a bank! Okay, not a real one. But an elaborately staged one! What a fun idea!
Hawaiian Vacation
  • If you can dream it we will make it true, even if it's to get away to the beach for a while.
Infiltrate the Robot Police
  • Being a robot for an hour is fun. Being a robot with a mission is even more fun. Imagine being a robot whose goal it is to infiltrate the Robot Police. Hmmm.
Mail Call
  • Pretend to be a marine on a TV show? Yes, we can even do that here. How weird!
Operation Elderly
  • Go to Nevada City and be...old! Yes, old! Another form of hijinks brought to you by your own imagination.
Medieval Quest and Royal Lunch
  • You can be a knight in shining armor at Augusta. And, if you complete your quest, you'll be treated like royalty.