Jobs at Camp

We have now filled our hiring needs for Summer 2020!

Though we are full this year, you are more than welcome to apply at Augusta again next year, if that is something you are interested in. Click below to fill out our interest form, which will add your name to our list, and we will reach out to you after the summer if we have opportunities available for you!

Counselors –  Discover the wish, wonder, and surprise of living with and supporting five campers in a cabin in the woods for the summer.  Learn more than you ever thought you could about relating to children in a manner that empowers their growth and independence.  Counselors will also serve as activity instructors and take the lead on maintenance for a few activity areas upon gaining experience.  All counselors teach activities, but you tell us which ones you’re most passionate about — there are over 150 choices, plus your creative additions. Here’s a link to our ACTIVITIES page to get a taste of what we have to offer!

We can teach you the activities that most spark your excitement and creativity.  And you can teach us if there are new activities that you would like to create here! Counselors are the heartbeat of camp.  Most counselors spend a session or two outside of the cabin as well, contributing to programming or other areas of interest. [Read More]

Master of Fun and Games (Program Coordinator):
Magickeer extraordinaire wanted with a passion for making wish, wonder and surprise a reality.  Responsibilities include designing and organizing intricate Evening Programs and daily Playstations (Augusta’s version of camper’s choice).  The limits of what the MF&G can accomplish has yet to be seen!  This role requires heaping amounts of creativity, people and group management skills, and a organizational and critical mind. The MF&G will occasionally teach activities and may have the opportunity to be a cabin counselor at times throughout the summer. [Read More] 

Wilderness Trips Leader:
Want to spend the summer in the deep woods hiking, climbing, horse riding, and more? We’ve got some trips you might enjoy! Embark on one-week adventures with campers ages 12-17 to locations around Northern California while facilitating development in outdoor living skills, nature appreciation, and personal growth. Strong applicants enjoy working with children/teens, are calm in uncertain situations, are able to manage their own time/responsibilities, and are confident in their ability to contend with unique situations and problem solve in a backcountry setting. Trip Leaders must have experience in backcountry hiking/camping and either have a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification or the ability to acquire one. [Read More] 

Office Manager/Administrative Assistant: 
The Office Manager is the main hub for communication between parents and camp. Their main responsibilities include answering phone calls and high volumes of email, organizing camper and staff paperwork, communicating with the bookkeeper, being the phone-voice of camp, using spreadsheets, and much more. This position helps create the possibility of camp magic in so many ways. In addition to their office duties, the Office Manager will teach one or two activities daily. A high level of customer service, multitasking ability, and attention to detail make a successful candidate. Availability in the pre and post-seasons is preferred. [Read More] 

Wellness Counselor:
The Wellness Counselor is an integral part of the Camp Augusta community. Summers at Augusta ask staff to challenge themselves in countless ways, and the Wellness Counselor is here to support staff through those challenges. Creating a safe space for staff to process their thoughts and feelings, the Wellness Counselor helps staff discover insight, balance and joy throughout their summer journey. They typically spend 6 hours per day in one-on-one sessions and occasionally facilitate group discussions. Education and experience in counseling and/or life coaching is essential to this position, as is the ability to take initiative in shaping this budding role. Registration and/or licensing as a counselor/therapist is not necessary. Supervision by an experienced, licensed therapist is provided. [Read More]

Equestrian Director:
Our equestrian program has a small herd of 10 horses. We teach a hybrid of English and Western riding and offer trail rides, horse care, and basic arena work. The goal of the equestrian program is to teach campers not just to ride but to love horses too, and to create an environment where campers can have fun through the facilitation of horsemanship. Two Equestrian Co-Directors are hired and work together to develop and lead programming. In addition to running our program they are responsible for feeding & mucking as well as general herd maintenance. This role benefits from a person with a stable temperament who is able to adapt their experience, teaching style, and philosophies to camp and can provide their insight while being open to collaboration.  When not horsing around, EQ staff will participate in camp programs, evening programs, and supply camp magic. CHA certification (or ability to acquire) or 3+ years of group lesson teaching experience required. [Read More]

Village Leader: 
This role is passionately devoted to being the support system for counselors.  Each village (4-5 cabins) has its own Village Leader (VL) responsible for overseeing the campers’ & staff experience, mainly within village life.  Village Leaders organize cabin activities, village activities and ensure that the needs of each camper and cabin are being met.  During two-week sessions, they work with the Program Directors and Masters of Fun and Games to cultivate magical worlds within weekend programming.  VLs are dedicated to upholding Augusta’s leadership standards by supporting and challenging counselors to grow and by being beacons of empathy and care within the camp community.  Village Leaders must possess excellent communication, grammar and organizational skills, as well as exceptional emotional intelligence.  Village Leaders teach approx. one activity a day. [Read More]

Kitchen Director:
At Camp Augusta, we love food (fresh, organic, often local, from-scratch food) just as much as we love our community, and we’re seeking a Kitchen Director with a heart big enough to hold both. Simultaneously a leader and a follower, the Kitchen Director supports the Camp Augusta community by providing healthy, tasty meals to campers and staff throughout the summer.  They are responsible for planning and delivering 3 meals and one snack per day, along with managing the kitchen staff team (a kitchen manager and seven kitchen assistants). Their duties include cooking, food ordering, budgeting, inventory, ensuring health standards compliance, staff supervision and scheduling, and creating and documenting kitchen processes. The successful candidate has multiple years of cooking and supervisory experience in a professional cooking environment. ServSafe certification or the ability to become certified prior to beginning work are required.  [Read More]  

Kitchen Assistant:
Passionately incorporates hands-on work into creating nourishing meals under the direction of the Kitchen Manager and Assistant Kitchen Manager.  This role focuses on the preparation and timely delivery of wholesome, delicious food to hungry campers and staff alike.  Experience working in a professional kitchen is valued, though not required. If you bring eagerness to learn, we will bring excitement to train you. Kitchen Assistants are also strongly encouraged to take part in camp clinics and evening programs to experience the magic of summer camp life. [Read More]  

Alternative Diet Chef:
The Alternative Diet Chef has a passion for meeting the dietary needs of campers, staff and parents alike.  The AD Chef enjoys finding creative solutions to complex scenarios, where meals must accommodate a variety of allergies and dietary preferences. They hold to strong serve-safe practices and a refined awareness of possibilities for cross-contamination. The AD Chef also demonstrates a willingness to lead and participate in team-oriented leadership.  They are gifted in time management and menu planning as well as bringing creativity and beauty to food.

Lives and works in a small, playful community for one to two weeks at a time. The nurse cares for the daily needs of campers and staff: distributing medications, tending to small injuries and easing illness with wisdom and patience. The nurse also knows when a case is beyond the scope of their practice at camp and makes physician referrals accordingly. Nurses operate under their own license and must have one of the following credentials: RN, LVN, NP, PA, MD or Paramedic/EMT.

Program Awesomeness Director:
This Assistant Director level position is all about creating magic upon magic, both in terms of actual programs (e.g., clinics, Playstation, Evening Programs), as well as improving processes. The Program Awesomeness Director, or ‘PAD’, is responsible for general oversight of areas of camp to do with programming.. This role requires a person of high emotional intelligence who excels in clear and honest communication. They must embody the Camp Augusta philosophies in their words and actions. Must possess extraordinary logistical skills, keen people skills, creativity, be comfortable navigating a computer, and have extensive camp experience. Experience supervising others in a non-power based environment is desired. [Read More]

Wilderness Trips Coordinator:
With backpacking, rafting, climbing, and horse packing trips, the backcountry is an incredible and awe-some place of wonder and discovery for wilderness campers. The Wilderness Trips Coordinator serves as an informational center to our backcountry program, while providing emotional and logistical support to trip leaders. They facilitate trip leader training, pack out trips, participate in main-camp activities, provide main-camp trip support, and will go on a few trips themselves as the schedule and season allows. The WT Coordinator must have experience in backcountry planning and either have a Wilderness First Responder Certification or the ability to acquire one. [Read More] 

Challenge Course Lead:
Our high ropes elements, swings, climbing wall, bungee, and tree climbing elements provide adventurous and growth-oriented experiences for our campers. The ropes lead is tasked with managing and maintaining that challenge course. They are responsible for training course facilitators, performing and delegating regular element inspections, and keeping up-to-date safety logs and incident reports. They will communicate early and effectively with various camp staff and relate changes in standards and procedures to course facilitation staff. Must hold a Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner certification or have the ability to obtain one. [Read More]  

Puppet Master:
Every day is different and presents a new puzzle. Finding joy in being at the center of a logistical whirlwind, the Puppet Master is the organizational epicenter of camp operations. They will organize the schedules of staff and campers alike while keeping track of many different logistical factors and are always seeking to extend the range of possibility. Must possess sharp logistical skills, comfort in navigating information on a computer (especially Excel), and will be willing to learn and add to a wealth of resources. This role requires flexibility and an attention to communication with counselors, activity leaders, and administration. A perfect plan may change at the whim of the weather and they will be confident a new plan can be crafted to suit the new needs of the situation. The Puppet Master is a skillful collaborator and seeks to create necessary order within our magical camp chaos.[Read More] 

Program Director / Village Brain:
As campers and counselors dream their next quest complete in the days ahead with mysterious old wizards and adventure galore, you are poised to prepare our heroes for the journey ahead. You live to push dreamers into uncharted realms, bringing the glimmer of imagination to light as campers and counselors alike embark on treks filled with perilous challenge and fruitful reward. You are a vital part of happenings each and every day, providing counselors and Village Leaders alike with the tools, support, and resources to make their whimsical and grand imaginings a reality. Whether ensuring a cabin has the guide and materials necessary to trek through the mountains on a climbing day trip or conjuring a ‘bloodstone’ in time for the cabin activity in three hours, you live to juggle supply lists with an organized and seamless ease to keep various parts of camp in sync. A logistical whiz, you also have the opportunity to teach a few activity clinics each day, participate in camp wide games and help improve communication among the various camp realms, and just maybe throw a bit of oatmeal. Other camps may know you as Program Director, but at Camp Augusta, you are our Village Brain! [Read More]  

Arts Director:
The Arts Director is a jack of all crafty trades. They nurture the creative spirit of camp by bringing dozens of diverse art clinics to life for both campers and staff. From ordering and organizing supplies to training counselors to facilitate clinics, the Arts Director manages all aspects of arts programming. Their typical days include teaching clinics, preparing and maintaining supplies for clinics and other camp activities, and supporting counselors in their growth as clinic facilitators. Strong organizational and leadership skills are a must, and fresh ideas to keep our program evolving and exciting are always welcome! [Read More]