Camp Augusta COVID-19 Information

Updated 2/2/2024

As of February 2024, our COVID-protocols for the summer are as follows:

  • Currently, we are NOT REQUIRING summer/family campers be vaccinated. Our staff will continue to be required to be up-to-date on their COVID vaccinations (meaning they received a COVID vaccine/booster/confirmed case since Sept, 2023)
  • There are no refunds for campers who are unable to come to camp due to testing positive.
  • Camp Augusta reserves the right to test campers/families upon arrival as well as during their stay in camp. The decision of mandatory testing upon arrival to camp will be dependent on the most recent contagion data available. In case we require testing upon arrival, please prepare for a 15-30 minute waiting period in or around your car.
  • Any summer/family camper that tests positive for Covid-19 will be asked to be picked up/leave site immediately without a refund.
  • Masks will not be required, with the exception of those who are showing symptoms of any illness while at camp or potentially for those with known COVID-exposure.

Please note: along with our COVID-vaccine requirements, masking and testing guidelines are subject to change at any time. Camp Augusta reserves the right to re-introduce vaccine requirements and mandate testing and masking protocols as seen fit by leadership staff.

Please Review The Below FAQs For Specific Answers To Many Of Your Questions

All policies are subject to change.

Camp Augusta is especially well suited for many of the current recommendations. All activities take place outdoors, meals are served outside, all cabins are open air and cabin groups can form their own pods at camp. We are committed to running a quality program that creates space for campers to connect socially and re-engage in community.

These FAQs are a current look into what Augusta is planning for 2024 regarding our health and safety processes. A lot can happen in the coming months and, as the situation develops, Augusta’s plan will be developing with it.

…A work in progress and subject to change…

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