Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

You and your cabin can choose to fight and/or flee in a fight for your lives in your Cabin Activity idea. Maybe you’re following clues to an unknown enemy, maybe you’re hunting or being hunted by a giant bunny, maybe you’re fighting in an all out themed battle royale!
Bomb Diffusion
  • You have 5 minutes. Cut the blue wire. Or...WAIT! NO! CUT THE RED WIRE!
Pine Keep Siege
  • Can you defend the Pine treehouse fort against an attacking army? Or would you prefer to be in the attacking army? 🙂
Medieval Zombie Brawl
  • What's your idea? Fight or become a zombie!? With swords and axes!?! Don't become part of the horde...
Defeat the Chicken King and Save the Mystery Egg
  • Want to embark on a surreal quest against a giant boss defending a mysterious reward treasure? Hey, you came up with it. And yeah, you can do that here.
Level Bracelet Scuba Recovery
  • "We want to earn more level bracelets." Oh yeah? "Yeah, but actually physically earn them. Like, discover them. Under water." You can do that here.