Internship Opportunities At Camp Augusta

If you are looking for a summer internship where you grow and learn as much as you play and create memories, and get all the pay and perks of a full staff to do it… Augusta might be a match.
Camp Augusta’s director has a Ph.D. in psychology and has taught at 4 different universities/colleges – now Augusta is its own living classroom.

Summer Camps offer a tremendous opportunity to design a catered/curated internship for your major in whatever you and your school are looking for, among hundreds of other life skills that you wouldn’t get in a ‘traditional’ workplace.

Why Schools and Interns Love Summer Camp Internships:

  • Exposure to a wide age range of different styles, skills, and approaches
  • Real responsibility and agency in your day 
  • Daily problem solving
  • Confidence in so many aspects of people relations, from public speaking to facilitation to one on one mentorship to community building/navigating
  • Perspective on childhood
  • Community buy-in and integration unlike a ‘traditional’ internship
  • Outdoors and travel!

Is Camp Augusta The Right Choice For Your Internship?

We Co-create an Individualized Internship Experience That Might Include…
  • Learning, leading, developing, and running any of our 150+ unique activities… or bringing your own!
  • Designing (with scaffolding support!) and leading recreational, socio-emotional, and creative experiences with campers age 8-16
  • Theatrical roles in our immersive Evening Programs, Playstations, and Story Experiences, including game design, set and costume design, skits and more.
  • Personal time for reflection on your role and what you are learning throughout the summer
  • Consistent, scheduled hours of reflections with your mentor on strengths, challenges, and opportunities for your own personal and professional growth
Camp Augusta Commonly Caters To Internships In…

Our Internships All Include Numerous Perks and Benefits, Including…

  • Full pay – the same as a summer staff
  • Housing (in the forest!) 
  • Freshly prepared mostly-organic food
  • Numerous certification opportunities (CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding…)
  • True community of ~65 whole-hearted Augustans
  • Opportunities to learn and partake in the many clinics of Augusta

What makes us credible, unique, and outstanding among camps?

Put it all together, and that’s a full summer – 600+ hours of youth mentorship, teaching, writing, creating, playing, bonding, and personalized growth scaffolding that will change your life forever.

Where do I go from here?

Fill in our short interest form expressing your interest in an internship. We’ll get in touch to talk more about what you are looking for and what we can offer. Generally, the internship design process goes like this: