Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Build! Paint! TieDye! Knit! Craft! Draw! Explore your artistic side with a creative Cabin Activity. Explore a new artistic medium, make a cabin stuffed monster, felt yourselves, make gifts for the office, or see how much paint you can get on your counselor. In Cabin Activity time, you can be free to explore the realms of your creative potential.
Build a Raft and Sail it Across the Lake
  • Ok. What materials do we have? Barrels? Check! Wood? Check! Rope? Check! Ahoy, let's do this.
Make a Junkyard Drum Set
  • Some of the best sounds come from where you'd least expect. At Augusta, you can experiment with this and anything else you can imagine. Build a drum set? Yes. Yes you can.
Stuffed Animal Creation
  • Build a friend to remember for a lifetime. We have the materials. You have the imagination. It's aliiiivee...IT'S ALLLLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!
Craft Care Packages
  • The world needs crafts. Oh! You've got an idea? Let's make care packages of crafts that we deliver to cabins so that THEY can be creative and test the limits of their imagination? Ok. Let's do it.
Mural Painting
  • At Augusta, our surfaces need...WANT your handy work. So much of camp is a canvas! You can paint on bathroom walls, propane tanks, sides of buildings, or even your cabin! Leave your artistic mark!