Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

In a typical food related cabin activity, your cabin will come up with a creative way to make one of their own meals. You could also use this time to head into the Augustan kitchens and lend a helping hand, or make a surprise treat to share with the whole community!
Homemade Doggie Treats
  • We have everything you need at camp to become a 5-star dog treat chef. There are plenty of hungry pups at camp. Want to be their favorite human? Your choice.
Lemonade Charioteers
  • Wheel around camp on a chariot, delivering fresh lemonade to other cabins. Refreshment crusade! What a generous idea!
Surprise Snack for the Kitchen Crew
  • They feed everyone else at camp. What a grand idea, to feed them back as a cabin act. 🙂
Trail Mix
  • Make your own cabin-custom trail mix. Remember the recipe! It could be a valuable market resource years from now. 😉
Watermelon Helmets
  • It's like the internet in real life! Make helmets out of watermelons. You'll be the most styling lol-tastic people around.
Snack Magic
  • Snack is served every day right after cabin activity time. If you have an idea, your cabin can prepare some magical and unique way to serve snack to all of camp!

Cabin Act Food Checklist!

We love food at Camp Augusta. We are well-fed by the wonderful kitchen staff, and sometimes campers are interested in using food items during cabin acts. This can be great! And there are some guidelines…If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, consider redesigning the idea or starting a conversation about WHY we have these guidelines!

  1. Will there be food waste? (ZERO FOOD WASTE)
  2. Can this activity be done as a clinic? (Bread baking is fun, and it’s a clinic!)
  3. Can this be done at home? (Let’s do crazy stuff you can’t do at home!)
  4. If you couldn’t eat the result of the activity, would the activity be ruined?
  5. Would this mean your cabin gets two desserts or extra special food? (Our guideline is one dessert per day and fairness is important to other campers.)
  6. Wanting to CREATE something with your cabin? (CAPProject time! Create something long lasting in service to camp! Instead of baking a cake, you could build a pirate ship for our chicken coop!)
  7. Would this activity take the space of an AWESOME activity in one of your limited Cabin Act Spaces? (Let’s be AWESOME!)