We are a nonprofit camp that serves boys and girls from all over the United States and the world.  We do not discriminate.

In the beginning, Camp Augusta was donated to the girls of Piedmont in 1931 by Edwin William Ehmann and Charlotte Ehmann.  Augusta Collins was Charlotte’s mother (and the namesake of Camp Augusta), and the lodge is named after William’s mother, Frieda Ehmann.  For the past 80+ years, as the camp has developed, it has been managed by a non-profit Piedmont organization. In the early years, the camp’s main use was by the Piedmont Council of Camp fire. Virtually all the young Piedmont women spent their summers at the camp. Now, Camp Augusta provides a variety of programs for children, families, schools, youth groups, clubs and business groups.  Camp Augusta is now an organization that serves both boys and girls from multiple communities, states, and countries.

In the recent past, our camp has enjoyed a variety of successes and improvements.  Our Resident Summer Camp has a waiting list for sessions every summer.  Multiple capital improvements have rendered our site not only more aesthetically pleasing, but extended our season as well.  One of our major projects has been the restoration of Ehmann Lodge, made possible by a grant from the Hoag Family Foundation.  This project has not only established a new pride in our camp, but served as a symbol of the continued improvements of our camp and program in general.  Lake Vera has also been deepened, allowing for a new and wide array of program areas to take place, from zip lines into the lake, giant rope swings, a ropes course over the water, and many more.  Pine bathhouse was also recently replaced.  The kitchen and office building was rebuilt in 2016.  Camp Augusta now supports over 150 different program areas, and numerous other magical locations throughout the forested 80 acres.  We hope you can come by and join us!

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Where is Camp Augusta?

Camp Augusta sits in the beautiful forested foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Her home is Nevada City, California.

Nevada City sprang to life during the California Gold Rush. It was 1849 when fortune seekers first stumbled upon this picturesque spot, and soon the hills echoed with the sounds of pickaxes and the dreams of striking it rich. The little town grew quickly, its streets bustling with miners, merchants, and adventurers from all walks of life. Nevada City became the heart of the gold country, a place where fortunes were made and lost, and where the spirit of the Old West truly came alive.

As the gold fever cooled, Nevada City didn’t just fade away like so many other boomtowns. Instead, it blossomed into a charming community that cherished its colorful past while looking to the future. The townsfolk lovingly preserved their Victorian-era buildings, creating a living museum of sorts. Named the county seat in 1851, Nevada City became a place where history and progress walked hand in hand. Today, visitors strolling down its quaint streets can almost hear the whispers of the past, while enjoying the warmth of a tight-knit community that embraces art, nature, and the simple joys of small-town life. It’s a place that captures hearts, where the gold rush spirit lives on in the friendly smiles of its residents and the golden glow of sunset on its historic buildings.