Important Dates & FAQs

  • Dates - May 13th - August 10th

    Our main season is May 13th through August 10th. We are unable to accommodate staff leaving for days or weeks midsummer and require staff be present the entirety of our main season. 

    In addition, we offer (optional) pre and post-season work from April 1st through Mid-September. During these periods, work is a mix of setting up camp (or breaking it down) and running group program like family camps or school groups.

    Pre-season: Begins in mid-to-late April and runs through the start of staff training
    Post-season: Begins a few days after the summer ends and runs through mid-September

  • Age Requirements - 19+

    You must be at minimum 19 years old to work at Camp Augusta. Some roles, like Equestrian Director, are 21 and up for insurances purposes.

    We have many many staff (including counselors) who are older and well into their 20s, 30s and beyond. If you are nervous about being ‘too old’ – try to shake away those fears. We have a wonderful community where age is hardly a hindrance to friendship or enjoyment of the summer.

  • Pay & Benefits

    Pay varies by role, and all staff have the opportunity to earn considerably more with pre and post season groups and site work.

    We also have year round opportunities for off season work (hiring, registrations, program development etc.).

    Counseling staff earn $4,200 for the main summer season (International are paid in accordance with their agency agreement, so salary will vary). All staff have the possibility of earning an extra $4,000+ during pre and post-season work.

    Aside from pay rates, staff have essentially no expenses (rent, utilities, food etc.) while working at camp – for some, their phone bill is the only expense! There are numerous other, non-monetary perks & benefits to working at Camp Augusta, please visit our Perks & Benefits page to learn more!