Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Boom! Whoosh! Rawr! Maybe your cabin is excited to re-purpose or revolutionize things around camp. Have you ever exploded something? Launched something off a catapult? Made your own giant slingshot into a lake? What about rained flaming arrows onto a makeshift cardboard monster? All of that is possible in a Revolutionary Cabin Act.
Destruction Derby Course
  • A race, an obstacle course, and a wake of destruction weren't enough for these campers separately, so we helped them put it all together!
Flash Boom Sizzle
  • This cabin's favorite word was "onomatopoeia". So we helped them think of everything possible that could sparkle, explode, and crackle. We had a BLAST!
Trebuchet Attack
  • "We want to, like, make a trebuchet...but then ATTACK it." Ok. Ok we'll do it.
Giant Sling Shot
  • Some campers simply can't settle with a standard sling shot. They wanted to build bigger ones. Then bigger. Then THE BIGGEST. Such fun!
Defend a Village
  • Hypothetical: what if we needed to defend Pine from attack by Manzi? Great idea! Let's find out!