A Letter from the Director

One of the biggest secrets about camp is that it is much more than fun.

Children come to camp for FUN!  That’s great, but what they don’t often realize is that camp is much more than fun.  Camp is a world designed specifically for children, with their best interests at heart.  Such worlds are exceptionally hard to come by, and not many come to mind.

Although camp can be an important part of a child’s development, obviously families are central and critical as well, especially if the peer group is not more central than the parents.  To help parents raise healthy children – to partner with parents, Camp Augusta is doing three things.  One, we are providing a healthy, safe community environment where kids can have fun, and learn a little while they’re here (see Augusta Difference). Two, counselors write extensive letters to the parents about their child’s experience so that there can be some continuity between camp and home.  Three, we have sibling website called “Partnering with Parents” with topics we hope you’ll find useful and fun.  We use these resources, and MANY others, to train our mature (most out of college) staff.

There’s much more to a Camp Augusta experience than might at first meet the eye.  I’d love to talk even more about our “Challenge by Choice” program, our amazing tripping programs with their special benefits, or just share the letters we get from parents and kids.  But, I can never hope to convey the power and possibility of a great Camp Augusta experience, so I’ll leave that to your child when he or she returns home.

Campingly Yours,

Randall Grayson, Ph.D.

PS>  Please do check out “Camp Augusta Difference” and “Partnering with Parents!”.