Why Does Camp Exist?

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

Our Vision

To reclaim and foster the beauty, wonder, awe, potential, and innocence of childhood

Our Mission

Camp Augusta’s mission is to provide children a safe, fun-filled experience that will serve as a catalyst for personal growth and an appreciation of the outdoors. We provide a supportive environment geared toward each child’s needs and interests.

Our nurturing atmosphere is achieved by limiting our total number of campers per session, increased supervision, dedicated and caring staff, and the longest staff training in the country covering advanced topics in human and child development.

In a small, tight, true community set in natural splendor, campers develop self-confidence, independence, social skills (emotional intelligence), creativity, activity skills, environmental awareness and appreciation, friendships, and healthy living skills (see “Partnering with Parents”).  Kids also learn what most modern children have forgotten — how to just play and be a kid without television, video games, the internet, canned games, cell/smart phones and devices, or social pressure.

Our Values

We are a creative, trustworthy, fun, community of servants focused on the mission

  • Largely non-competitive
  • Challenge by choice
  • Community
  • Safe / secure / healthy
  • Free-choice
  • Skill-based activities
  • Small group (6)
  • Individual attention (1:2)
  • Small camp
  • Guidance
  • People love to learn
  • Discover themselves
  • Choose your own pace
  • Child centered
  • Not glitzy or gimmicky
  • Rustic
  • Non-profit – children first
  • Coed
  • Fun is within camp
  • Not typical sports oriented
  • Non-denominational (not religious)
  • Absence of technology

See what makes Camp Augusta different, and prepare to be astounded.