Evening Embers

At Camp Augusta, these happen daily before bedtime, but also can occur at any time of the day.  They get their name from the close of the day being like the embers of a fire. Although most of the below are discussion based, embers can also involve an adventure, star gazing, playing the “I Wonder” game, or whatever else the cabin designs.

Below are some examples of the hundreds of different embers designed and used at Camp Augusta. We encourage the use of these activities for families, friends, and anyone else wishing to grow, share, and build community.

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Let’s Think About…
Let’s Do Something!
Let’s Chat About…

Let’s Think About…

Let’s think about . . .

Common Threads
Allows a group to get to know one another in ways that likely didn’t before.  Especially useful if there are a couple people the group doesn’t know well, or there has been some significant time apart for some members.

Celebrating Needs
Bring the language of human needs into sharper focus, see what’s particularly present , and absent, for folks as well as considerations for working with one another.

An exploration of gratitude specific to camp, followed by an exercise of acting on that gratitude by thanking the donors that made various things/experiences possible.

Growth Zones
Consider a framework of three zones — Comfort / Challenge / Panic.  The group thinks of things that fit into each category, talk about them, and keep that awareness, perhaps with the addition of goals around them.

I and Thou
Consideration of one’s relationship to others, and the quality/nature of those relationships as they are, and how one would like them to be.

What Dreams (and actions) May Come?
An exploration about dreams, and what we can do to achieve them, and how we handle unexpected obstacles that may arise on our path.

Pop Culture and Cool
Musing on what is “cool” and how that is portrayed in pop culture, as well in the lives of the group, and those they know.

Staying Open to the Present and Future
When something happens, this story asks us to challenge our initial reactions/thoughts about whether it is “good” or “bad.”

How do we hold on to our and others secrets?  A powerful exercise that’s sure to bring up some emotions and insights.

Vanity and Pride
Explore the meaning of these words, and how each of finds power and weakness in them, if at all.

The Meaning I Have and Give
An exploration of what we prescribe particular meaning to, how we reflect on that, and listening to others thoughts on those and similar points.

Comparing this with that . . . we do it all the time.  This embers asks us to think a bit more about comparisons we make, and how we compare comparisons themselves.

Let’s Do Something!

Let’s Do Something!

Competition Game
A competitive game that frames a discussion around competition itself.

Creation and Destruction
Deeper considerations about our efforts in the world, and how they can reflect short term goals, long term, or both.

Glow in the Dark Memories
Create a t-shirt that has images and words from everyone in the group.

How do we define success?  By whose criteria are we playing?

Wonder Bug
One’s own living, interactive museum of bugs, brought to you by Mr. Blacklight.

Time Capsule
A perennial favorite activity.  This one asks the group to write a letter to themselves to be opened in a year’s time.

Examines various bases of power, from legitimate to referent, and does so via an experience of authority, and examining it afterwards.

Asking for help . . . looks at problems that we face through an experience of one, and then breaking down if and when help was asked for.

Trusting and Risk
Through the use of mouse traps, examine how each person and the group evaluates trust and risk.

Let’s Chat About…

Let’s Chat About…

Joking vs. Teasing
When the line is blurred, this embers can bring an awareness to the distinction, which is co-created by the group.

Mirror Embers
What comes up for us when we look in a mirror — the beauty and the beast.  Consider our reflections and create awareness around them.

A base, introductory activity around how we experience judgments, and create them, and choices we have in both cases.

We have collected a plethora of others ideas and activities for you to do with your family on our sister site, parentingtuneup.org.