Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

Welcome to CAPP Corner! CAPP stands for Camp Augusta Pride Project. If you and your cabin are excited to perform an act of service, and to leave a legacy at camp, consider exploring a CAPP as an option for a Cabin Activity. Get crafty and build something original, get creative and leave behind a mural, get playful and build a gnome obstacle course! Have fun, play, and leave your mark. It’s your ideas, your choice!
Building Rope Swings
  • Slingshot a rope over a tree branch and add a new dose of fun to Augusta's land! These campers envisioned making camp into a playground for Tarzan.
Goat Playground
  • Goat Parkour? Goat obstacle course? These campers wanted to build something for the goats to play with and bask in the cuteness.
DIY Bench Swing
  • "Why don't we build a swinging bench? To read and relax on?" Yes. That happened. You can do that here.
Create a Mini Golf Course
  • Your imagination is the limit. Build what you want, and play with it as you like. Even if it's an entire mini gold course.
Bat Boxes and Bird Houses
  • That's right! Your handy work can make Augusta into a habitat for our in-flight friends! It's your idea, your choice.
Build a Porch on your Cabin
  • If that's what you want to do, you can do it. Then maybe you can wear a beard and sit in a rocking chair there, playing the banjo.