School Outdoor and Educational Programs

Are you looking to give your students the opportunity to learn and challenge themselves in the outdoors? Do you have a school group you want to bring to camp?

To inquire about Spring and Fall dates and program options, call or email the office at 530-265-3702 or e-mail.

Custom Programs

Interested in a program designed to your needs?

Camp Augusta can help create a program to meet your group’s specific needs.  If you’ve got some goals you would like us to work on, just let us know and we will plan a tailored program while giving your group a true Magical Camp Augusta experience.

Programs can be single day to week long experiences with or without parents and families.

**Other than the 4th grade Gold Rush experience, programs are general and designed so that the specifics of their content can be adapted to multiple levels of understanding. Programs can be booked and designed to fit multiple age ranges and the goals set forth by the teachers or community leaders.  Over the years, we’ve served a diverse range of groups with a variety of programs and services.

Family Camps (private and shared) and Outdoor Retreats

Is your group in need of an organized outing where you can be challenged both physically and mentally?

Along with our personalized approach to customer service and tailor-made programming, we offer a large variety of programs including:

  • Climbing Wall, High and Low Ropes Challenge Courses
  • Target Practice – Archery, Riflery and Throwing Range
  • Water activities – Swimming below a waterfall and Lake Swimming, Canoeing and Crazy Canoeing
  • Over 20 different Arts & Crafts
  • Music – Guitar, Ukulele, Ethnic Drumming, Kalimba and more
  • Outdoor Living Skills & Outdoor cooking
  • Unique activities – fire spinning, foam sword fighting, quidditch, and more
  • Field games and sports
  • Astronomy
  • Relaxation – Yoga, Hammock Village, Wood Fired Hot Tub
  • Close to the breathtaking Yuba River
  • And much, much more…

To inquire about Spring and Fall dates and program options, call or email the office at 530-265-3702 or e-mail.

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Click Here for 4th Grade Gold Rush Weekends

Click Here for 4th Grade Gold Rush Weekends

You’ve just stepped into the 1850’s Gold Country.  People from all around the world are arriving to bring up the “Mother Lode.”  The central-mining district on the Western flanks of the Sierra Nevada is where you’ve decided to stake your claim. Hundreds of people are looking for gold, panning in the streams and digging mines.

Right around the corner are the Maidu, a Native American Tribe that lived in the same area.  Their focus was raising their kids, hunting with bow and arrow, and baking bread made from acorns. The Maidu knew that gold was around, but they never put any value upon it, leaving it undisturbed.


At Camp Augusta, the paths of the Miners and Maidu people cross.  Whose land is it?  Who has what rights?  Both sides have valid points, and those are dramatically brought to the fore.  Will they be able to coexist in the fast-changing world of Northern California?

In the morning, students will witness the beginning of the conflict between Miners and the Maidu, and throughout the day they will help to solve it.  The students will spend part of the day with the Miners, where they will experience miner culture, listen to mining stories, play some miner games, maybe shoot a rifle, and pan for gold in a part of Rock Creek called Gypsy Falls.


Students will also have the opportunity to live with the Maidu, exploring their surroundings during a nature hike, creating meaningful face paintings, perhaps do some weaving, fire building, or participate in a traditional Maidu ceremony and living in harmony with nature.

At the Town meeting that evening (of late afternoon for one day programs), students will discuss their experiences and help the Town Sheriff to solve the conflict.  We go beyond surface answers and understandings to really get to the heart of the matter in a fair way.  Afterwards, if your program is staying over night, the period practice of contra dancing will be enjoyed on our glen, with a live band and caller with Tiki torches, refreshments, and friendship.

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