Let These Past Activities Inspire Your New Ideas

We have some pretty unique and exciting clinics here at Camp Augusta…and with a Cabin Activity, you can use our clinics as a space to create an unforgettable adventure. What ways can you think of to create a new adventure out at the agility course? How many ways can you think of to use yarn? What hidden potential is there on…or in…the climbing wall?
Matrix Bungee
  • Aerial Bungee with a twist! Let's pretend we're in the matrix. We'll dress like Neo and play his music as we bounce and fly in slow-motion!
Tower of Terror Gravity Games
  • Want to invent a vertical obstacle course of mini games? Yeah, you can do that here.
Level 5 Mountain Bike Teamwork Repair and Trail Ride
  • Ever wondered if you could make it back to camp when stranded in the wilderness with nothing but a broken mountain bike? Let's give it a shot!
Destroy an Effigy at the Throwing Range
  • What if we had a new target for our throwing knives and spears? Maybe...a sacrificial robot doppleganger of our incarnate fears? Your idea. Your Choice!
Upside-down Painting
  • What a creative idea! Paint a piece of art, even t-shirts for your cabin, by painting and spinning on a wheel! Whatever you can come up with, we'll do it.