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Want your own copy?

You can contact Matthew at or 219-309-4029 if you would like your own signed copy of “The Borgons Visit Earth”.

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Evening Programs at Camp Augusta

Join us as 3pm PST for a live storytelling of Matthew’s “The Borgons Visit Earth”.

We are thrilled to announce that Matthew will be hosting a live reading of his new children’s book: The Borgons Visit Earth!

This is a story that many of our campers and staff will fondly remember being told at Storytelling during the summer, and now you can recreate (or discover) the fantastical tale of the Borgons, right from your living room!

The Borgons Visit Earth tells the surrealist story of an intergalactic meeting of humans and Borgons – a peaceful race of aliens – on the planet Earth. Amidst the gathering, King Borgon finds himself hungry, and seeks out the ‘tastiest treats’ that the Earth has to offer. What ensues is a story of uncommon perspective, of excitement and surprise… of silence and gravitas. And ending in a space of awe, wonder, and aliveness for our mother Earth.

After years of telling this story all over the world (and Camp!), Matthew started the journey to turn this tale into a book for all to share. After a very successful kickstarter campaign, The Borgons Visit Earth is now a real life book, paired with the masterful art work of another Incredible Augustan, Greta.

So get the hot chocolate ready (don’t forget the tiny marshmallows), cuddle up (but also stay 6ft away), and enjoy hearing this otherworldly adventure as the talented author takes the (virtual) stage!

This Reading will take place on Friday, April 17th, at 3pm PST.

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