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Trying to find ways to spend your quarantine time? How about upcycling your old Camp Augusta T-Shirt or Sweatshirt into a pillow? We are happy to thank Marina for this great idea and had to share. “Thank you Marina!”

  • 1 well-loved Camp Augusta T-shirt
  • Paper and scissors
  • Needle or sewing machine and matching thread
  • Polyester fill, rags, or pillow insert
  1. Once you have selected a well-loved t-shirt and secured your stuffing, determine the size of your pillow. 
  2. Make a square or rectangular pattern out of paper (the size of this may depend on your pillow insert).
  3. Place the paper over the front of the shirt to determine how you would like the Camp Augusta text and pictures centered in your design. You can fold the pattern and up and down to check for proper placement. Trace the pattern onto the T-shirt material
  4. Repeat this step for back of the shirt.
  5. Being careful to only cut through one layer, follow your markings and cut out the back and front pieces
  6. For the next section, there are two options: Interior or Exterior seams.

Interior Seams

    1. Place the two rectangles together with the words and pictures on the inside. 
    2. Pin together
    3. Stuff with pillow insert, rags, or polyester fill
    4. Fold edges of bottom seam under and stitch the bottom opening closed.

Exterior Seams – like the picture shown

    1. Place the two rectangles together with the text/pictures facing out
    2. Sew around the perimeter of the pillow
    3. Leave room to stuff the pillow with fill, insert or rags before closing the seam
    4. Stuff the pillow
    5. Sew the remaining seam
If using polyester fill or rags If using a pillow insert
On the bottom of the pillow, mark a 3-inch line.  Sew all the way around the pillow, leaving the bottom seam open. 
Start at one end of the marked line and stitch the perimeter of the pillow all the way around. Do not sew the 3 inches on the bottom.