Special Knowledge

All of the below are offered in an effort to help YOU decide if Camp Augusta is a good fit.  There are indeed over 12,000 camps in America.  Your happiness and satisfaction here depend on your ability to honestly reflect on yourself as a human being — mind, body, heart, and spirit — and decide if this is home for all of those.  Reflect peacefully and truthfully.


No one is a perfect fit.  Even myself as the director have noted thirteen areas in the above where I am not a good fit for Camp Augusta.  However, it is important to note which areas hold challenges or differences, and how they sit with you.  This is a critical part of the round two application process, which is not done until included — be complete, and in full integrity, when you reply in writing.  A brief answer is the same as no answer.

Open letter to prospective counselors from 2008/09 counselor, Will (and a cameo in 2011)

How does Camp Augusta compare to other camps?  Click here to determine that for yourself.

“Work is love made visible.”
Kahil Gibran

Below is a video of staff speaking about their experience (made in 2013)