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Evening Programs at Augusta
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What is a Camp Augusta Evening Program?

Our Evening Programs are designed as a themed adventure consisting of an opening skit, a middle task to be completed by the campers and an ending skit.  Evening programs are full of characters, dialog, skits, stations, heroes, villains, smoke, flags, gunk, water, epic challenges and so much more. While many camps play a big group game in the evening (i.e., game shows, big games of dodge ball, Vegas night, MTV night, Dating game, etc.), our Evening Programs don’t just say, “hey kids lets play this game it’ll be fun,” they say, “come with me on a journey of adventure.”  Adults and campers are FULLY playing all games together enthusiastically!

2020 Evening Program Handouts

Over the next few weeks stay tuned as we continue to add more information on the magical games that we will be playing this summer in the woods of Camp Augusta.

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