What is “Beauty?”

  • A Waterfall, a Forest, a Sunrise
  • Symmetry, Perfect Timing, a Carefully-Crafted Creation
  • There is beauty in Love, Insight, and Flow
  • A Smile

Beauty is all around us. And it thrives between us too. There is beauty in friendship, collaboration, and laughter. Where do you see beauty in the world?

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Beauty at Augusta

Campers can choose any number of arts skills to hone during their time at camp. With one of the widest arrays of activities of any summer camp (over 140), dozens are arts and crafts, including glass torch artleather working, and lathe woodworking.
All around Augusta, one can see the artistic contributions of past campers, from cabin modifications and painted bathhouses to silk batik blowing in the trees.
Beauty at Augusta may be a selfless act, connection to one’s cabin/counselor/another camper, flow state, being present, witnessing a skilled person in a clinic, or even the labyrinth.

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