What is “Potential?”

  • Ideas hold power.
  • Every experience holds an opportunity for growth.
  • When we learn, we become fuller, discovering the world and our opportunities within it.

You’re with your friends, building a fort. Your eyes go wide as you see the progress you’ve made. Only 5 minutes, and you already see a masterpiece. Now, imagination and optimism flowing strong, there is an irrepressible feeling of drive among you.

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Potential at Augusta

Augusta not only supports, but scaffolds creativity. Campers act on their creative potentials on a daily basis.
Our staff practice intentional speech, compassionate communication, and other well-researched social practices that foster empathy and emotional intelligence in the campers and the community.

  • Cabin Activities, which happen daily, are the ultimate expression of a cabin’s dream hour. This is one of the pinnacles of the Augusta experience.
  • Evening Embers, nightly precursors to bedtime, are contemplative activities that encourage campers to consider life deeply. These times of reflection make the most of kids’ formative years. Campers end their days digging into ideas that truly matter to them, and we explore these to help them grow.
  • Potential at Augusta is being with adults from all walks of life all over the world, hearing dreams, seeing people experience joy and meaning without what we thought was needed for those to be, or have readily.

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