What is “Awe?”

Awe is a reverential sense of appreciation.

  • When mountains are looking down at you, yet beckoning.
  • As you see the Milky Way, you realize you cannot possibly fathom our size in the scope of the universe.
  • When you see someone’s expression of skill and practice that you can relate to just enough to know that they are a master of their craft.

Imagine dragons flying across rainbows over vast oceans, with mountains breaking the distant horizon. Whales swim underneath, and above you see a galaxy in every star.

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Awe at Augusta

We share our forest home with 200 ft+ old growth trees. At night, our clear summer skies bathe us in the light of the milky way.  The Sierra Nevada ecoregion harbors one of the most diverse temperate conifer forests on Earth.
To top it off, our clear waters are soothing AND exhilarating.

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