What is “Wonder?”

  • A sense of curiosity and amazement
  • What would a dinosaur’s favorite flavor of ice cream be?
  • What science fiction will turn out to be true?
  • If we mix these ideas in just this certain way, what do you think will happen?

Wonder is uniquely human, and it is our unique strength. When we wonder, we explore who we are and what the reality is around us. Wonder is the opposite of apathy, and the end of fear.

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Wonder at Augusta

Curiosity is natural and priceless. We create an environment where it thrives.
No matter what activity, campers find motivation and inspiration while following their dreams. At Augusta, a world of wonder exudes from the staff to create immersive environments of play.

  • Evening Programs each night are a meticulously crafted, storied adventure. Running or station games (or both) entice participants to explore layers of mystery and plot, rewarding curiosity and grit.
  • Every day, a handful of individuals on staff manifest a unique new vision for the campers at ‘Playstation.‘ This could mean pretending to very old for one hour, performing science experiments with a twist, or creating spur-of-the-moment works of art.
  • Mornings start with oomph. Counselors wake up their cabins each morning in a unique way. Sometimes it’s energetic, like staging an imaginary meteor strike and biological quarantine. And sometimes it’s quiet and peaceful, like a serenade on guitar with hot tea in bed.
  • Re-awakening to the natural world, to communal living without technology, at one’s development in the span of a couple weeks, at re-thinking “static” elements of the self, at more is possible when one continually experiences new ways of being/thinking/doing.

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