Office Manager and Office Assistants

What’s it Like to Work in the Office at Camp Augusta?

Built newly in 2015, our office stands as the organizational center of camp. It is a gathering point for staff, a work-center for administrative staff, and a place where much of the behind-the-scenes work happens. If you’re interested in gaining experience working in an office setting, learning how a summer camp functions behind the scenes, or potentially stepping into a year-round role at a summer camp, this might be a great role to learn more about!

As an Office Manager or Assistant, you would be a part of helping camp run smoothly during the summer, with a few primary focuses:

  • Maintaining contact with campers’ parents via email and phone
  • Keeping our office running logistically. This includes organizing our office resources and gathering information on groups, staff, and campers when needed.
  • Communicating with parents who will be involved with our groups throughout the spring and fall
  • Working with our bookkeeper to track and organize finances
  • Be a logistical part of our fundraising campaigns

Getting Involved With Other Areas of Camp

While much of your time would be spent in the office itself, every staff member at camp is also involved with our camp programming, games, facilitating clinics, and taking on responsibilities outside of the office environment itself.

  • All staff are trained in and facilitate activities for our campers throughout the summer season. During our 24-day staff training, you can be trained in any of our activities – so whether your interest is in arts and crafts, weaponry, circus, or high ropes, there are many options for you to have an adventurous time facilitating clinics for campers.
  • All staff participate in Evening Programs, which are camp-wide immersive games involving costumes and characters. Depending upon what you’re interested in, you could end up being a character at a station facilitating puzzles, or running around chasing after campers and other characters!
  • We have many, many areas of camp, and depending upon your interests and skills, you can take on other responsibilities both in and outside the office! For example, as an ‘area lead’ you could be responsible for maintaining an activity area and keeping it organized during the summer. Some examples include gardening, beekeeping, animal care, woodworking, or weapons activities.

The Difference Between the Office Manager Role and the Office Assistant Role

While office assistants and the office manager work together during the summer, there are some key differences between these roles that center around a person’s responsibilities, their skill, and their experience.

Responsibilities of the Office Assistant Role:

  • Spending time on the phone and computer, contacting parents and staff
  • Will teach up to two activities each day
  • Clear and friendly communication with parents and staff
  • Completing organizational office projects which include paperwork collecting and sorting
  • Helps organize camper cabin assignments based upon ages and requests
  • Engage with each camper through tracking their ‘store’ accounts
  • Teach at least one clinic a day with campers!

In Addition, an Office Manager will Hold these Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the efforts of the Office Assistants while giving insight and guidance in their tasks
  • Ensuring that all campers are fully registered for camp, and that postseason groups are properly communicated with
  • Managing the camp store, including inventory and organization.
  • Being a core informational resource for staff about campers, policies, paperwork, and our database