What are Evening Embers?

Each night during summer camp, after the evening program and showers, the cabin gathers for a time together before going to sleep. These times, which we call evening embers, serve many purposes and forms, such as to create connection, understanding, awareness, character, laughter, history, a sense of family, and a host of other positive ends by being together with these topics, adventures, challenges, and experiences. Such discussions can be brought home and offer opportunities for connection among families and friends, as well as moments of self-reflection and growth for individuals. ‘Embers’ get their name from the close of the day being like the embers of a fire. In form, they can be discussion based, an adventure, star gazing, playing the “I Wonder” game, or whatever else the cabin or your family design. You can check out several examples that your family can use at home here.

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This is a great exercise to help put into perspective and reflect on the way in which we spend our time and how we see ourselves. The point of this exercise is mostly self-reflective however, with the opportunity to discuss any realizations about your own needs, wants, desires, and the like and to help us to understand what it is we want and how we would like to make that happen. (By taking responsibility and asking for help).