It’s been quiet in the Augustan woods this summer and the elves have grown lonely without the sound of Contra Dancing and whirring ziplines. As a heart gift from us to you, a few of our staff have volunteered some time to create Build.Your.Own Family Camp to relive some of the best memories…and create new ones!

In a mischievous twist, the elves hid all the links to the activities, recipes (and more!). Explore the schedule below to find all the links hidden among the post-it notes. 

If scavenger hunts aren’t your style, we’ve also included a list of links below the video with everything you’ll need for a full Family Camp experience at home – from morning announcements to s’mores and lavender lemonade to juggling and DIY Galaxy shirts! 

Pick a perfect weekend, gather the family (and Zoom your pals), and let us know how it goes! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to share highlights

Packing List Family Planner S'mores Recipe Storytelling (all ages) Storytelling (10+) Morning Crickets Breakfast Breakfast Announcement Laughter yoga Dream Catchers Taco Salad Lavender Lemonade Ice Cream Leaf Printing Juggling Puppet Making Popcorn Ninja Costume Makeup Medicinal Honey Guitar Lesson Parent's Hour Packing List Josh Story Telling Green Goddess Recipe Family Connection Embers Friendship Bracelets Polymer Clay Floor is Lava Ninja Lazy Dog Sasha Chicken Galaxy Shirts (w/ Kenzie) Felting Instagram email Campfire Baggage Song Flicker
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Relive the Magic!

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