Equestrian Program Info

Summer Camp Horse and Riding Activities for Campers

With up to two horse activities per camper per day, our equestrian program offers a broad, fun, and meaningful connection with horses! There are never more than five campers in a lesson, allowing us to focus on all riders to promote safety and give specific and individualized feedback.

Our Horse Activities

With the assistance of our experienced Equestrian Directors, campers will learn how to properly care for and ride horses. Across our program, we foster respect for horses by encouraging campers to use soft hands, seat, leg, and voice when working with our herd, guided by our mantra “Patience and Persistence”. No matter your experience level with horses, the Camp Augusta herd is excited to learn new skills with you. (The herd also wanted us to share that they are perfectly fine with a grooming spa day and mane braiding session… just so you know…)

Check out some of our most popular activities below!

Horse Care At Summer Camp