Special Events

While we occasionally offer magic tricks as a Playstation option, “Magikeering” refers to the culmination of Wish, Wonder, and Surprise combined with creation.  At its heart, magic is the opening to wonder (how did they do that?!), the entreatment of wish (wow, I’d love to be able to do that or see another), and the visceral surprise and reminder that what we know is small compared with what we don’t know.  Instead of an observation of magic, which all of us have been a part of, Magikeering is the creation of magic, together, in an experience where what will happen is both known and unknown.  Cabin activities are a prime example, where campers lead with their imaginations, made real.  Playstations and Evening Programs begin with a premise, and then travel where they will from there. Creativity throughout camp inspires the children to be a part of Magikeering at camp, and through the rest of their lives.  Who doesn’t need more of that?

In addition to the above times, every summer, our staff create new adventures, wackiness, mystery, wish, wonder, and surprise.  Every now and then, something is just soo good that we’ll make it a staple, like our 4th of July Phoenix.  We love waking campers up a different way every morning!  We love special ceremonies, theme meals, odd occurrences, and freeing the playful imaginations. How did that tables get into a traffic jam?  Was there really a flood that brought the canoes to the dining area?  Was I dreaming, or did we join the Mad Hatter for an evening of crazy festivities?  A torch-lit walk to the labyrinth for some singing and meditations.  Examples could go on for pages, yet the new ones that will be part of your memories are the ones to get excited about.  What will this summer hold?  We don’t know, but the anticipation is half the fun!

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