Where to begin? Well I guess we’ll take it from the top! My full legal name is Thomas John Johnson, no, I promise I don’t have a stutter when I speak my middle name is half my last name. I’ve gone by MANY nicknames over the years and will respond to all of the following but am not limited too… Thomas, Tommy, Tom, TJ (personal favorite), Peggy, Till, HAHA, and whatever else you might come up with for me.

I was born, raised, and currently live in the wonderful suburban paradise of Virginia Beach, Virginia. But as much love as I have for VB and the whole 757, I am EXTREMELY excited to get out and see California and the rest of the country and hopefully the world someday.

I spent the overwhelming majority of my time in high school involved in JROTC. As an active varsity member for Drill, Air Rifle, Orienteering (pictured to the left), and PT and Academics as well. Though I was not able to fulfill my goal of enlisting out of high school due to my diabetes, i do still look back very fondly of my time spent both as a cadet and a mentor to my unit, and all the trips and adventures we had together. This is also where many of my more embarrassing nicknames came from.

Since graduation I’ve done my fair share of personal growth and exploration, I went to community college for 2 semesters, and it didn’t work out. I was a criminal justice major as most members of my family are either in the Navy or serve as Police Officers, and while I value the knowledge I gained during my time in college, I feel as though I am a lot better off searching for fulfillment elsewhere.

Currently I am exploring my passion through music. Music has always been where my heart was drawn too. I’ve always had an appreciation for all genres and styles, but my favorite genres will always be Pop Punk and Metalcore. Currently as I prepare to leave for Camp Augusta I play bass for my metal band Spayst Out (before you ask, yes, we tried Spaced out it was already taken) and while I love my band brothers I feel as though we have a different mindset and different goals for the direction of the band. I love using music as a support system and I believe everyone can find the support they need through it if they look hard enough. Music has the power to inspire and lift you up and be the light at the end of a dark tunnel, i’m always excited to talk about music and help teach people in any instrument I can play (mostly cello, bass(standing and electric) and ukulele). I’m gonna cut myself off before I type 5 pages about music, but feel free to ask me about it at camp just let me know if I talk to much!

NOW time for some interesting (or just random) facts about me!

  1. I started playing music when i was 10 years old and was classically trained on cello
  2. I love to train and work out though not as much as i used to always down to hit the gym!
  3. I did JROTC all 4 years of high school
  4. Only left the east coast 1 other time when i was 14, other than that I’ve been here 20
  5. I currently have 4 tattoos all with long backstories that I’d love to talk about so feel free to ask about them!
  6. This February made 6 years for me as a Type 1 Diabetic
  7. My absolute favorite color is royal blue
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