The story of Sunshine, an MFG

starts off simple as can be

lived at a summer camp as a child

running around, happy and wild

for 6 years with summers warm and mild

beneath the Jeffrey Pine trees…

She only grew stranger from there

with costumes and colored hair

a passion for crafts

a great love for laughs

she forged her own path

in a town called Big Bear…



The small town was not for this girl

she wanted to see the world!

So she packed up her case

with no time to waste

and met some new mates

as her traveling adventure unfurled…

But she missed running round in the woods

thought a camp job might do her some good!

When she landed in Oak

with spectacular folk

her excitement awoke

and she knew she’d be back once she could…

But what about MFGdom?

That realm of creative freedom

Master of fun, games, EP’s

things like Playstation and SE’s

Oh what a marvelous thing to be!

And truly she can’t wait to be one!


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