(It’s Always the Morning)

A human of many names, but you will come to know me as;
1.) Robert
2.) Bobcat
3.) Professor Doctor Skweekz

Four Scores and Twenty Five Years ago, this barefoot creature first walked the earth in Southern California. It was here, I was introduced to the lovely world that is Summer Camp. As a camp kid, I explored the outdoors, rode roller coasters, and began to create theatre! I played my first role as Max the Dog in, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Yes, there was a fur suit, and Yes, it was glorious!

I went on to co-create my first musical at Summer Camp, “Der Catz the Musical,” which included a three part choir section of Carol of the Bells. In case you haven’t noticed the recurring theme, I LOVE CATS! I have my own little furbaby, Professor Mclanagal, who has a Masters Degree in Cuteness and Cuddles.

After developing a love for the theatre, adventure and cats, I figured the next best move was to pack my bags and head to Portland, Oregon. It was here that I got my degree in rolling on the floor (Theatre Arts) and became a semi-professional, Professor and

Doctor of the Skweeky variety. I learned how to juggle, rock climb, and rode a bike as my main form of transportation for five years!
I performed as a clown on the streets, in the busses, and on the trains. I even built two world premiere shows, one of them included a lot of ranch dressing. I also was known to bring out my spooky clown during the fall months and work at the local Haunted Houses!

At age Nineteen, I decided I wanted to go to Japan, so that’s what I did and took off for a solo trip where I spent two-weeks in the Land of the Rising Sun. The next year I backpacked my way through Thailand with a friend. And last year, I decided to travel the United States. I bought a car, converted it into a camper, and took off for two months! I visited every national park along the way, lived in the national forests, and took in as much beauty as I possibly could!

Now my journey lands me here, getting ready to go back to Summer Camp! This time at Camp Augusta! MEOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!
I could not be more excited to discover what wonderful adventures await! I am most excited about creating crazy, whacky, kooktastik, skweeekingly, meowflondic, amoozingly, wonderful memories with the campers! What a beautiful world we get to create!

Now you know my story abridged and I look forward to hearing all the stories that you come to camp with and making new ones to bring home!

Silly Facts:

My favorite author is Tom Robbins

I like to make cookies without following a recipe (sometimes they don’t taste amazing)

I wear barefoot shoes when I can’t be barefoot

I try to spend more time outside than I do inside

I wish I could live inside a Harry Potter Novel

I am learning how to ride a Unicycle

I worked on a film that made it to the Movie Theatres

I want to build a travelling wagon that folds out into a stage

See you in the Morning 🙂