Throwing Range

Spears and Axes and Knives, OH MY!

Our recently-built throwing range allows campers to practice their hand-eye coordination without the use of electricity or a screen. Offering throwing knifes, throwing axes, and sling-shots, campers are taught how to throw, aim, and collect their equipment professionally.

Knifes and axes are thrown from individual booths onto a wood round target. Pots, pans, and the occasional spoon are the targets for the slingshot. To earn a level bracelet, the participant must demonstrate a certain level of accuracy in a combination of activities: For example, 2 out of 6 knifes combined with 2 out of 4 axes being successfully stuck in the targets. Higher level bracelets see campers throw blindfolded.  For certain pieces of equipment, we ask that the camper can demonstrate the level of accuracy in two consecutive rounds.

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