Perhaps the first theater, storytelling is an ancient art and past time.  In the age of the electronic storyteller, we aim to harken back to a time where the only photons came from a campfire.

As one of our Playstation activities, storytelling is offered as an art, and as an experience.  Here, campers listen to one of the staff tell or read a story, and sometimes the campers have a story to share as well.  With interest, storytelling classes are also taught as a Playstation.

During a couple of the evening campfires, staff (and sometimes campers) stand and tell a story somewhat akin to solo theater.  The director often tells an epic tale, as storytelling is one of his most passionate interests.  At one of the campfires, hot chocolate with marshmallows is served while enjoying a few tales after an already enjoyable evening activity.  Often this is done in two-week sessions, or after a shorter evening program.

Please see our story resources under Partnering with Parents
We hope you’ll enjoy some stories yourself.  🙂

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