Our high ropes course is an excellent way to build self-confidence, have fun, challenge oneself, and enjoy the view!  Built in 2019, the “Skyscraper” is a collaborative high ropes element and the largest ropes course element suspended between two trees in the United States!

The “Skyscraper” is a physical and mental challenge for an individual, as well as a team challenge in which two climbers can take on the element together.  When it is taken on as a team challenge, two climbers help one another to reach the top.

At the very top, 110ft above ground, is a bell which you and your partner can ring in triumph and absorb the wonderful views of the surrounding area. But first however, you have to get there!  Challenging your strength and endurance, overcoming your fears, and improving team-building skills are just some of the benefits of this amazing activity.

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