Summer Camp Horse and Riding Program for Kids

Camp Augusta is head over hooves for our equestrian program!

Our summer camp equestrian program focuses on the foundations of riding, with a strong emphasis on building a positive relationship between horse and rider. We encourage soft hands and attention to the horse’s energy. Teaching kids how to love horses and giving horseback riding instruction lessons is something we love.

With up to five activity periods a day, campers experience a wide range of horse activities. In addition to building riding skills and exploring the trails of Camp Augusta, we also offer activities to foster playful connections and build horsemanship knowledge. From horse painting to jousting, there is something for everyone. Check out all of our activities here!

Learn Horseback Riding Summer Camp

Our Horses

Each member of our ten-horse herd was hand-picked with love by our equestrian team. Our goal is to make sure campers of all skill levels can participate in our program. The Equestrian Directors are experts at matching the right horse to the right activity and the right camper. 

The Camp Augusta herd are some pampered ponies! Our horses are given thorough care, facilitation, and enrichment – plus the occasional bubble bath courtesy of our campers. Our equestrian team is well-versed in each horse’s temperament, energy, and personality, and knows when a particular horse needs a break or is ready for more play!

Ready to learn more about our programs? We have so many different parts to know about – including arena work, trail rides, zany cabin activities, and horse care!

Are You Interested in Joining the Equestrian Program as a Staff Member?

Fantastic! We are always open to hearing from passionate and experienced folks excited to share their knowledge and love of horses. Especially if you have riding instruction or wrangler experience, we want to get in touch. You can explore more about our program through our program page, then click here for role specifics and how to apply.

Summer Camp Walking With Horses
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