Poi Spinning

Poi spinning is a modern adaptation of an ancient Maori (indigenous New Zealand) art. At one time long ago, Maori women wove ropes out of flax plants and had cotton-like weighted balls on the end, with which a ceremonial dance was performed before the men went to war.

Completely different but maintaining the same name, Poi is now considered a “flow art” and is a form of meditation, modern interpretive dance, juggling, and more.

You can see a collection of the best poi videos online, and tutorials for learning poi at SpinMorePoi.com

Here is our favorite poi video of all time.

This is a movement and prop dance practice in which people learn a language of different moves or ‘tricks’ which they can stitch together in a state of free expression.

Flow” in the context of flow arts, comes from the definition provided by the research of Mihály Csíkszentmihályi.

Today, there is a culture and global community of Flow Artists who meet and share skills at events around the world.

Learn more about flow arts with this small documentary.

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