Mountain Boarding

What’s the fastest way to get from the top of Manzi to the bottom of Cedar?

Mountain Boarding!

Fun for all comfort levels!  If you just want to try a new adventure, you can start out on a beginner course that takes you down sloping hills with a lot of room to slide, and if you are looking for more advanced challenges, we have advanced courses and our Dirt Bowl, where you get to learn special moves and how to ride challenging terrain!

Want to experience mountain boarding, but not so sure about your balance?  Try “butt boarding,” where you sit on the mountain boards!

Want to crash into things, but that tree doesn’t look particularly comfortable?  Try mountain boarding into mattresses! All of the fun of crashing into things, without the risk of injury!

Campers are fully outfitted in helmets, knee guards, wrist guards, and elbow guards for safety when trying these daring adventures!

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