Camp Augusta’s New Ropes Course

In time for 2024, Camp Augusta will be building a BRAND NEW ROPES COURSE!

Times are changing and Camp Augusta is looking forward to the future summers to come. As of 2022, most of our ropes course activities are built into the Ponderosa Pine trees in our beautiful woods. As the historic drought continues, our trees struggle more and more with the extra stress off having a ropes course built into them.

9 things our new pole course will do that PODS can’t do

  1.  The new course will have both vertical climbs and easy access bridges to our first level! That means you can walk onto the course!
  2. On hot days – We will have a mister system! Keep your cool 80 feet in the air with a lovely breeze of mist washing over you!
  3. Night time ropes course! – We will be able to run lights – black light, flood light, dance party light… We can do it all!
  4. Hang out spot for overnights – Our platforms and transition areas will be big enough for campers to overnight out under the stars but over the forest floor!
  5. Level transitions – Swapping height for challenges that suit you! You can go from 20 feet, to 65 feet, back to 20 feet as you traverse our new course!
  6. Changing elements – We will be able to change our elements with ease! Each year could look different if we wanted by rotating through our elements!
  7. Zig and Zag from one side of the course to the other from each platform! No more linear loop!
  8. Teambuilding on 3 levels! Group challenges will span all the levels of the course!
  9. We will be able to have upto 30 people on the course at once!